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How to Use Play and Imagination to Practice Manifestation

When we are little, we often play games that are intentionally designed to help us learn about something or practice skills that we’ve been working on. We rarely do this as adults though. As kids, we practice our sports and instruments, we have homework to help us practice what we are learning in school, and we practice our social interactions through role-playing and make-believe. Board games, computer applications, and TV programs are all infused with lessons and opportunities to practice every skill from reading comprehension to interpersonal skills. As adults, we are taught that all of our learning comes through hard work and making mistakes. We are reminded constantly that play is for children and adults can only have fun when the work is done; but the work is never done.

In the image below, you will find a game that I like to play, which will help you practice your manifestation skills.

Sometimes when we want to manifest something in our lives, we actually spend all of our energy thinking about what it is that we don't want, and therefore we accidentally manifest that instead. To use the Color Challenge as an example, let's say that the color you choose to bring into your awareness is blue. However, when you open your eyes, the first color you see is red. Now, for the remainder of the time you play the game, you keep thinking "not red" instead of thinking "blue" and you end up finding only red. This is the point where many get frustrated and give up, thinking that manifestation is a myth.

It is not a myth, but it is not as simple as merely thinking a thought and then the Universe waves its magic wand and whatever you wished for appears before you. It is a process that you must be attentive to and create with intent, patience, and clarity.

Just like the example I gave about the color game, manifestation works the same way with money, love, meaningful work, our dream home, peace of mind, you name it. You must get clear on what you really want and then identify the energy of it rather than the words we use to label it so that you don't actually manifest the opposite of what you mean to. Imagine what it looks like and feels like - how it makes you feel when you have it (or how you want to feel when you have it, but actually feel it in your body). Once you can feel the feeling of having it, you can identify when you experience similar feelings as they occur at different times in your life. This is recognizing it in its most basic form and the first step to expanding it into the manifestation of your bigger goal.

You can play this game with animals, numbers, plants, words, and so much more. When you get really good at playing this game, you will have the skills you need in order to manifest on a grander scale. Remember that learning to identify the energy of what you want and not only recognizing but also celebrating its presence in your life in its most basic form is key to seeing it grow into its greatest potential.

Let’s play the game together! When you are out and about in your life and you see the color that you are manifesting, take a photo and post it to your Instagram story and tag @Atmaitri with the hashtag #atmaitricolorchallenge so we can celebrate together.

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