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Hi, I'm Regyna

I love to travel, create art, learn through experiences, and spend time with fascinating people. 

I have a long and windy history in the fields of art and education that dips in and out of the corporate world, academia, and traditional school settings. The common thread weaving it all together is that I never fully fit into any of those environments.

I was both celebrated for my innovative spirit while advised not to let my creativity spill too far outside of my brain. New and exciting ideas were appreciated, but purple hair was frowned upon.

I've always had a way of knowing that surpassed my formal education and has guided me into myriad experiences that often appear like sudden transitions and dangerous risks to those who love me most.

I can sense energetic patterns long before there are words to express them. Through my own curious journey of learning to interpret them, I have become fluent in the language of energy. It is communicated in many forms, unique to each individual and the wisdom of their soul, yet interwoven into the world around us in magical ways; just waiting for us to get present enough to discover them.

This is the work I do through Atmaitri. I combine three of my passions (astrology, creativity, and intuition development) together with the worldly knowledge I've gained through my journey transitioning from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur to support others as they navigate this path.

Learn more about how to work with me below.

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You are an entrepreneur who has left your corporate career to build a soul-led business inspired by your creative and/or spiritual practices.

You may be somewhere along the way in the process. Perhaps you have only energetically left this life, but still have one foot in to keep the money flowing as you continue building your business. 

Perhaps you never actually began a career in the corporate world, but still feel indoctrinated into the ways of corporate life and are working to recalibrate to your innate wisdom and energetic flow.


To me, the word entrepreneur is more a mindset than a specific set of external circumstances. It is someone who is fully accountable for their sacred work and fulfills their purpose through the process of creating something that they know in their heart is needed in the world. 

What do we do?

Decondition your corporate habits by reconditioning your intuitive instinct so that you can run your business in alignment with your unique ways of knowing and being.

This is a gentle, creative, and fun process. The emphasis here is on remembering what already exists and playing in those spaces. It is on prioritizing rest, play, and creativity. On honoring your natural flow of energy and all the ways that your soul communicates to you specifically.

I'm not here to teach you how to do things like me. I'm here to walk beside you and share the wisdom of my own journey so that you can explore how to best do things like you.

How do we do it?

Together, we create a structure that supports you and your business through sustainable growth.

This structure is the container of your business, and it is the way in which you engage that container. 

In a corporate setting, the business itself is the central life force from which all is created, and for which all elements and relationships are there to support. 

As an entrepreneur, that life force is YOU. Your business, your relationships, and all other elements of your life are able to thrive to their fullest capacity when you are continuously supported and tapping into your unique gifts. 

Most business programs I’ve encountered for entrepreneurs are actually built off of the same principles and practices used to help corporate environments thrive; they’re just translated into language that targets individuals. This strategy can leave you seeking external solutions for internal problems. 

Basically, blaming you for not being enough, too much, or ill-prepared for something that actually has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that the system was not created for you. And it certainly was not created to support a healthy and thriving personal life because being a human is something best left to do at home, not at work. Right?

Wrong. This simply is not true and is absolutely not a sustainable way to exist.

I approach business strategy holistically, meaning you as a human, you in your personal life, and you in your business as well as the environments in which these things exist. This whole package is what I call your work-life ecosystem, and you are the visionary and life force that keeps it thriving. 

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Just like the image here, Atmaitri is structured like a tomato cage. The 4 pillars supporting the work I do with you are Cycles & Rhythms (Astrology), Devotional Creative Practice, Soul Wisdom Language (Intuition Development), and Humanness (your Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual self).

These pillars run through the resources, programs, and experiences that I offer in some way. Some offers are more focused on one of these areas than others and some address them all. 

The rings that bring these pillars together and create the scaffolding for you as you and your business grow are the self-paced/explore on your own resources, group experiences, and individual mentoring opportunities for you to engage with these pillars.

There is a concept that I learned through my Reiki training. It is the concept of Form and No Form. I see it everywhere in nature—the banks of a river that allow the water to move and flow, the flexible trunk of a tree bending to meet the gusting winds, the seed pods of a dandelion dancing in the breeze... My favorite metaphor to explore this concept is a tomato cage.

The structure is open yet reliable. The plant is supported throughout its organic growth, welcome to climb the sturdy vertical pillars toward the sun when needing a little support, and resting on its horizontal rings when it's time to rest. It is here where the fruits ripen. The plant is held, but not constricted, free to grow however it desires.

Who do I work with?


What does Atmaitri mean?

The name of my practice is my own combination of two Sanskrit words: Ātman (ɑ tmən) which can be translated as inner self, spirit or soul, and Maitrī (m ah ee tree), which can be translated in many ways. Among them are benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, and goodwill.


In bringing them together, Atmaitri can be interpreted as kindness towards your authentic self.  I chose these two words because they represent the goal of the work that I do with individuals as well as with myself; to make friends with our truest selves so that we can confidently live our lives as an expression of that truth.  


Atmaitri works to actively support and empower intuitive entrepreneurs to bring their authentic selves more compassionately into their businesses so that they can increase their impact while living the life of their dreams.

09_The Beauty of Imperfection_Cropped.jpg

The Beauty of Imperfection

Soul Wisdom Vista - a channeled artwork by Regyna

Click the image to hear the full channeled message that accompanies this artwork.

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