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Soul Wisdom Art

I offer one-of-a-kind channeled art through my Etsy shop.  When you place your order, please provide a brief statement that begins with "show me" followed by a challenge or question that you have, or a situation you are seeking guidance on. I will create a one-of-a-kind art piece that is specifically channeled with imagery to help you explore the guidance you seek. In addition, I provide a personalized message with the insights that I receive while creating your piece.  A few of the intentions I have worked with previously are:

  • Show me my next steps

  • Show me how to release my guilt

  • Show me how to embrace the present moment among my uncertainty

  • Show me what is possible

Since this is an original artwork, please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to arrive. Most orders are completed within 1-3 days of ordering and are shipped out as soon as they are dry and ready to make the journey to you!

If you are looking for additional guidance, I offer a special 30 minute intuitive session where we will go over your intention and the messages I received to convey to you through your custom piece of art.  This session must be booked separately from your art purchase and is not included in the cost of your artwork. Details are provided upon purchase.

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