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Regyna is featured as a contributing author in the following books:

  • Creativity is...Whatever you want it to be

  • Mystics Revealed: Unconventional Success Stories from Extraordinary Leaders

  • Nourished: Wisdom From Leaders Living in Flow & Fulfillment

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On 10-11-22, Regyna was interviewed by Hollis Citron on her TV show I Am Creative. In this episode, Regyna teaches about the 5 soul wisdom channels and leads an exercise to help Hollis connect with her YES/NO indicators and make clear and confident decisions.

Regyna appeared on the August 18th, 2022 episode of Teacher Turned Entrepreneur podcast, hosted by Dori Stewart.

Soul wisdom isn’t something we’re taught in school. To the contrary! A lot of us are schooled from our earliest days to silo our talents and passions, disconnecting what we love from how we live. On this episode of Teacher Turned Entrepreneur, we are learning from Regyna Curtis that our life purpose needn’t be divorced from our life force. An author and mentor who has herself navigated a route to blending different talents, she is here to offer us actionable tips for locating the source of our burnout and ways to foster that elusive work-life balance we all seek.


Regyna had to journey through a corporate career in education and travel before ultimately circling back to meld her most intrinsic talents (art, spirituality and sacred practice) with her entrepreneurial bent. Today she is actively supporting and empowering individuals seeking deeper exploration into who they are and how they can most authentically show up in the world. It’s a unique knowing available to all of us – if we’re willing to pause, reflect and commit to aligning our actions with confidence and clarity.

Regyna appeared on the February 11th, 2022 episode of the Straight Talk for Energy Healers Podcast hosted by Renu Arora, creator of the Accelerated Release Technique. In this episode, Regyna and Renu explore what it means to be a soulpreneur and the work that Regyna does as a Soul Wisdom Explorer and Soul-Sourced Business Strategist.

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It's straight talk on this podcast, so it's short and sweet, but with a powerful impact. If you are an energy healer or soulpreneur, you will want to check this one out for sure!

Regyna appeared on the February 21st, 2021 episode of Creative Conversations, hosted by Hollis Citron.  Creative Conversations is a safe space to create connection, share stories, foster self expression and feel empowered!  Creativity goes beyond the pencil and the brush.  Creativity is your unique and original exploration, expansion, expression of your imagination.

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