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Does Your Moon Phase Hold the Key to Entrepreneurial Success?

Updated: Apr 7

I recently learned about a TikTok trend (in all honesty it was a few weeks ago, so it may or may not still be trending…) that uses your Natal Moon Phase to determine whether or not you are a good relationship match with another. While my work deals more with relationships through the lens of your business and soulmate clients rather than your intimate interpersonal relationships, I was curious to explore further. If you know me at all, you know I can’t resist a play date with the Moon.

To begin my exploration, I began with a question; Is the TikTok Moon Phase trend legit, and what can you learn from it in regard to your relationship with your business?

My answer? It all boils down to energy. Whether you are in a relationship with another person, one of your creative visions brought to life (A.K.A. your sacred work), or the relationship you have with yourself, each entity has its own energetic signature. You can access this energetic signature through many different lenses.

We are all pretty familiar with the Moon as a presence in our lives, yet there are many layers to this relationship that you may or may not be as knowledgeable about. The Moon has a great influence on us here on Earth. One of the most broadly recognized examples of this is that our ocean’s tides are controlled by the Moon’s gravitational pull.

That energetic influence is apparent but there are many ways we are influenced by the Moon that are less visible. Ultimately, astrology is a tool to help us understand how all planetary influences work together in the unique recipe of our personality. The Moon is one ingredient in this recipe.

There tends to be more emphasis placed on your Sun Sign in most of the ways that astrology is presented to the general public, but your Moon Sign offers much for us to learn from as well. Your Moon placement in astrology is a reflection of how you experience the world and resource your energy—an internal mirror, so to speak.

Your Sun Sign is a reflection of your contribution to the world and how others perceive you, so there is something a bit more intimate about looking at how your Moon Sign aligns with your partner’s Moon than how your Sun Signs align. This TikTok trend is not looking at your Moon Sign though, it is looking at your Moon Phase. Let’s dig into what that even means first before we explore what we can learn from it.

Approximately every 4 weeks, the Moon completes a cycle consisting of eight Lunar Phases; the most well-known being the New and Full Moon. You probably learned about the Full Moon first as it is more visible in the night sky and there is lots of folklore and storytelling created about our behavior around the Full Moon (another influence of the Moon’s energy).

Before I get into the energetics of each phase, let’s look at the mechanics of what’s going on. Earth takes approximately 365 days each year to circle the Sun. The whole time we are spinning on our axis and rotating around the Sun, the Moon encircles us repeatedly in a cycle that takes approximately 29-30 days. As this dance goes on, there are certain points where the Moons position in relation to the Earth and the Sun either illuminates or partially blocks it from our view. Occasionally this lines up directly and we experience an eclipse. (In fact, as I write this, we are in the middle of an eclipse portal—meaning we are between a New Moon eclipse that just occurred on April 19th and a Full Moon eclipse that will occur on May 5th.)

As I mentioned, this cycle is divided into eight phases. The journey begins with the New Moon and moves through the Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, and Waxing Gibbous phases on its way toward full illumination. The Full Moon is when the surface of the Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun in our night sky, and then we move back towards the darkness of the New Moon again, moving through first the Disseminating or Waning Gibbous, the Third Quarter, and lastly the Waning Crescent or Balsamic Moon.

Each one of these phases contains a particular energy signature and is a reflection of certain aspects of your personality, depending on which phase of this cycle you were born under. This is the information that the TikTok trend is pulling from. It uses your birth date to search for the phase that the Moon was in on the day you were born. It then does the same for your potential partner’s Moon Phase and considers it a match if together you create a Full Moon.

I find this problematic for several reasons, but mainly because it implies that a good match is one that completes you, therefore suggesting that you are not whole and valuable as you are.

In my opinion, the biggest thing this trend is getting wrong is that there are many ways that the different phases are compatible and supportive of each other. Every person has the potential to experience the energy of their Moon Phase in a way that is easeful and nourishing or one met with more challenges. It’s not quite as simple as finding the two pieces that fit together neatly to make a whole.

I am a huge fan of tools for introspection. I will dive deep into systems and modalities that most people get bored with after the first layer of interaction, and what I’ve learned most through these explorations is that we are all complex and nuanced beings. Each of these tools is an entry point; one particular lens through which to observe someone or something.

So, does this trend tell you whether or not you’d make a perfect match with a potential partner? No. Does it give you some additional ways to get to know each other and understand how you may balance each other or harmonize in certain ways? Yes, absolutely! Can it be a clue into your potential compatibility? Definitely.

This TikTok trend is a fun way to get curious and is born from an ancient body of wisdom. However, it is not a foolproof system. You must always filter information through your internal ways of knowing. Feel into what resonates for you and leave the rest. And most importantly, remember that relationships are not about finding a perfectly matching piece that completes you. You are a whole being all by yourself. However, finding those that harmonize with and complement who you are is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. So join in, get curious, and then use that information to stay curious and explore further.

Now, with my rant about empowering yourself and creating healthy relationships done, let’s dive a little deeper into the Moon Phases and how you can use the wisdom contained here in your business.

Your natal chart in astrology is essentially a flattened map of what was happening in the cosmos at the time of your birth. It does not tell you what phase the Moon was in at the time of your birth, but rather its placement in relation to all of the other planets and to you (your position at the time of your birth is shown as your Ascendant or Rising Sign on your chart). I teach about this and how to work with your personal energy seasons in my workshop Charting Your Course which I teach on the 28th of each month. In this workshop, we explore the seasonal energies that are present within the yearlong cycles of your natal chart, the Moon cycles occurring each month, and within the 24-hour cycle of each day. Then we explore how you can make decisions and take action in your business as they align with your personal energetic flow.

To find your Natal Moon Phase, you need to look up what part of the cycle the Moon was in on the day of your birth. My favorite resource for this is the website Astro Seek.

Once you know which phase is your birth phase (A.K.A your Moon Phase), you can explore how you may experience this within your personality and ultimately within your business—because your business is an expression of you. Remember that any tool of introspection is an invitation to look at yourself through one particular lens. It is not the only aspect of who you are or who someone else is, yet it can provide insightful information for you to work with as you navigate the circumstances of your life, business, or relationship.

Here is a brief description of each phase and how it may show up for you if you were born under that particular Moon as well as what that could mean in your business. Remember that these are archetypal descriptions and you are a nuanced being, so take what resonates, leave what doesn’t, and explore if there is something you can learn from areas of resistance.

New Moon:

This is the beginning of the cycle. It is fresh and new like the energy present in the earliest days of Spring. If you were born under this Moon Phase, you likely have a childlike innocence; are playful and imaginative, and not afraid to leap into action. You are a natural leader and a powerful initiator. You have a creative, adventurous spirit and can offer a fresh perspective to facing challenges.

In your business, you are innovative and prefer to initiate projects rather than stay the course. You have a fresh perspective on things that others may not yet understand and this can be both a gift and a challenge. There are no limits to the potentials you see which can feel too big or risky to many. You set the pace for others to follow and may prefer to work alone or at least autonomously. Above all else, let your excitement fuel your actions and always honor your unique perspective. This is where your magic drops into the physical plane and creates nourishment for all to benefit from.

Waxing Crescent Moon:

This is the energy of late Spring when vibrant colors burst out everywhere but have not yet reached full bloom. If you were born under this Moon Phase you likely have a deep sense of purpose and intentional movement; you are focused and aware. You have the ability to bridge the intense creativity of the new moon with the balanced energy of the approaching first quarter moon as well as individuals and projects created under each. Patience is a key theme for you; it can be experienced as anxiety or anticipation, so draw light and energy from what lies ahead to inspire you and focus your creative energy in productive ways.

In your business, you are a strategist. You have the ability to digest the potential of a project and alchemize it into tangible steps that will move it forward gracefully. You are acutely aware of imperfections and must use the gift of your own vulnerability as fuel to transform them into insights rather than impediments—in your own business and for your clients—and communicate this wisdom to the world.

First Quarter Moon:

The First Quarter Moon holds the energy of the Summer Solstice. It is when the Sun is the brightest and energy is palpable in the air. If you were born under this Moon Phase, others are likely drawn to your energy of confidence and strength. You are generally comfortable with visibility or may even thrive most when in you are in the spotlight, yet you also need the balance of downtime to process and integrate your experiences. You have a high level of energy to burn and will need to ensure that you have healthy outlets for this in all aspects of your world while you also need an equal amount of time for rest and solitude.

In your business, it is essential that you create exquisite boundaries that help you equally to shine your light and to make space as you re-energize. Through doing this, you are also able to help your clients honor their needs and express their unique gifts. You will likely work with others during times of transition, assisting them to move over a threshold or major milestone in their world as they enter into a new paradigm of existence.

Waxing Gibbous Moon:

The energy here is of the lazy days of Summer. These slower-paced days are when we can relax in our leisure time and learn about ourselves through play and connection with others. If you were born under this Moon Phase, you likely have a strong desire to develop and refine who you are and how you show up in the world; reinventing yourself several times throughout your life. You may require clarity and need to understand how something or someone is meaningful in moving your own evolution forward in order to feel content having them in your world.

In your business, you strive for excellence and masterful creation, yet you need to allow space for your own humanness in order to achieve success. There is an intuition present in your body that can lovingly guide you and your clients forward, yet ignoring this wisdom is detrimental to you both. While connecting with the meaning of each movement is paramount to the foundation of how you thrive, remember that it is processed through your body wisdom and your mind may not always be able to articulate what your body knows.

Full Moon:

While at first glance you may think the Full Moon is the energy of high Summer, it is actually the energy of Fall. It is the balancing energy of the New Moon and the completion of the illumination in the first half of the Lunar Cycle. Fall is when we collect the harvest that was planted in the Spring and if you were born under this Moon Phase, you hold this energetic signature as well. You likely have a deep desire to experience your life in partnership and celebration with others and may downplay your need for solitude. There is a tension of opposites that weaves throughout all aspects of your world and will be the source of your greatest insights and growth as well as your biggest challenges.

In your business, you are a master networker and thrive in collaboration, yet you can lose yourself in the process if you are not mindful to integrate and release every so often. You are here to create and cultivate meaningful relationships while maintaining balance and harmony between yourself—your needs, wants, and desires—and others—how you are of service while honoring your own vulnerability and discernment. As you continuously learn from previous versions of yourself, you have the ability to foster great transformation in others.

Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon:

The energy here is of late Autumn. It is the final burst of energy as nature pulls inward preparing for the Winter ahead as nature displays a beautiful array of colors before releasing her leaves and retreating into silence. If you were born under this Moon Phase, you are here to share what you have learned throughout your life. You are a natural teacher and may be known for doing things in unique ways; synthesizing lived experiences into tangible wisdom with ease. While you may feel a strong pull to focus on the future, your gifts are most vibrant in the present moment. Don’t rush through the beauty of now because it feels messy or you will need to revisit what you are here to learn through this exact pairing of individuals, circumstances, and emotions in another form.

In your business, you shine a light on what is possible. You foster great transformation with compassion, are not afraid to go deep into the depths of the unknown in order to expand (both yourself and your clients), and are adept at creating quite a fun adventure along the way. Your magnetic personality markets your work for you, but you must surrender to ritual in order to create the longevity you seek. Impatience and resistance dim your light and make it harder for your soulmate clients to find you. You can stretch further when you soften into the discomfort of your limitations and bring your visions to fruition through the power of your faith.

Third Quarter Moon:

The energy here is the Winter Solstice of the Lunar Cycle. If you were born under this Moon Phase, you may experience long periods of darkness where others may not understand you well. And yet often unseen in another aspect of your personality lives a brightly shining light that can be a beautifully guiding presence for many. It is possible that you may move through the earlier part of your life quietly taking it all in and then suddenly make a big shift that surprises those around you. This aspect of your being has been there all along, yet was invisible from the outside looking in. This may alternatively be expressed as a side of yourself that you only share with those you trust most dearly. There is a well-cultivated balance between instinct and action you continuously develop throughout your life that may not be overtly obvious to others… until it is.

In your business, your greatest contributions are born from your unique ability to create a sense of belongingness for others and create communities where all are welcomed. The more you honor yourself and share who you authentically are with others without overgiving to the point of losing yourself, the more abundantly you can receive through the fruits of your labor. As you illuminate your own aspirations, you offer others a safe space for regeneration and this is where everyone prospers together.

Waning Crescent or Balsamic Moon:

Late Winter energy can be exhausting for those born under other Moon Phases, but if you were born under this Moon Phase, you are energized here. You are a visionary and a keeper of hope. You are an alchemist and likely walk easily between the physical and metaphysical realms. You are here to help us complete cycles so that we can begin anew and you often do your greatest work in the stillness of the night (or a symbolic representation of such). You are truly wise, yet others may never even know that they’ve been transformed by your energy unless they get quiet enough to receive you through your unspoken language. Patience and faith are keys to successful relationships with those born under this Moon and you may need to teach these attributes to those closest to you in order to allow yourself to thrive.

In your business, it is essential you make space for rest. Rest is an interwoven theme for both you and your clients. Celebration, renewal, and spirituality are areas of focus that you may be required to explore, both internally and as an expression of your sacred work with others. There is a delicate balance between fear and inspiration that you know well and can guide others through skillfully. You must learn to recognize when you are doubting your inner knowing and embrace both rest and celebration in order to feel fully satiated in the reality of whatever you are in the process of transcending. It is through the embodiment of your own wisdom that you lead others into the gifts of their lived experiences.

I hope you have received something through this exploration. I have had an intentional relationship with the moon for a few decades now and I continuously learn more about myself every time I dance with her. It began with a curiosity and through deepening my awareness of her cycles. This led me to get more curious about what these cycles reflected for me and in bringing more awareness to my own cycles. Eventually, I started working with Lunar Cycles as a tool in my business and now teach others how to access this wisdom in theirs.

If you are curious about how you can work with astrology houses and Lunar Cycles in your business, come join me for Charting Your Course!

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