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Astrological Houses: Overlooked Wisdom to Help You Thrive as an Entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 7

Let's talk about astrological houses. The house system, in my experience, is an overlooked and underutilized part of astrology that contains tangible applications to help you thrive as an entrepreneur.

This wisdom applies to all areas of your life, but I focus mostly on how to apply it within your business since I work with entrepreneurs. Keep in mind that as an entrepreneur, you are also a human who has many relationships, needs, and desires. You are not separate from your life while you are spending time doing activities to run or grow your business. For this reason, I take a holistic approach to the resources that I create and share while focusing on how to apply them in your business.

One of the most important things to remember as you work with any tool, technique, or teacher is to run everything through the lens of your soul wisdom. You may call this your intuition or your inner knowing.

Your soul wisdom is your authentic way of knowing and being. It's how you receive, process, integrate, and express information. It is communicated to and through you via your soul wisdom channels and all together, this unique recipe makes up your soul wisdom language.

You can learn more about your soul wisdom language and the wisdom channels here.

I invite you to begin this now as you engage with my words:

  • Notice how they resonate.

  • What inspires you to explore deeper?

  • Where do you experience a feeling of resistance?

  • What is this here to help you learn, integrate, or release?


Okay, let's dive into the topic of this post; the astrological houses.

The house system is a structure that supports the wheel of the Zodiac. You are probably most familiar with how the sun moves through this cycle each year. In the spring—on the spring equinox—the sun enters into the first sign of Aries. Aries is the ruler of the 1st house. As we (our planet) make our way around the sun, we experience each sign of the zodiac in the same order every year, completing the cycle in the 12th house ruled by Pisces as we approach the next spring equinox.

Aries season is a period of time during which anyone newly born would be assigned the sun sign of Aries. This is because, from our viewpoint here on Earth, the sun is located within the constellation of Aries in the sky during that time. We are unable to see this because the constellation is behind the sun, therefore blocking our view. The wheel of the zodiac is essentially a flattened map of the path the sun takes through the constellations each year.

Your ascendant or rising sign is your point of entry into this map. Imagine that at the exact moment of your birth, someone took a snapshot of the entire sky surrounding our planet from the viewpoint of where you were located. This snapshot is then flattened into a map that shows where each planet was at that moment in relation to the constellations and where the sun was on its journey through this cycle. This is your natal chart.

If you were to study the night sky, you would see that the stars move along a consistent path every year with the north star acting as the point around which this rotation occurs. Think of it like the pole of an umbrella. If you were to stand under it and spin the handle in your hand. The midpoint would appear to remain still while everything around it rotated back to its starting point again and again. This is our relationship with the north star and why it remains in the same place as all other stars rotate around it. Depending on where you are located on Earth and what season it is, you can expect to see the same movements passing through at a regular pace. You will see a slice of this each time we complete 1 rotation—or one 24-hour day—and one year later the same scene appears again before you.

The planets however move around. Just like we take a trip around the sun each year, every planet has its own journey that it takes to the rhythm of its own cycle. The moon, for instance, has a relatively short cycle, completing its journey approximately every 28 days. We have a very special relationship with the moon here on Earth for many reasons, and I will get into this more in later posts. It is a great reference point though since we can clearly see these cycles and have a general awareness of the influence that she has on our planet. One of the most widely known examples of this is that our ocean tides are attributed to the gravitational pull of the moon.

Similarly, all planets influence us energetically and physically to some extent, yet their influence is not as integrated into our general education or societal paradigms at this point in our lived experience. At least not in our mainstream systems.

As I mentioned earlier, each of the astrological houses is ruled by a particular planet and therefore is infused with the personality of that planet (or in a few cases planets). In astrology terms, this is the house where that planet is exalted. Other ways to say this are that the energy here is exaggerated, in its highest essence, leading, or most present. So, the life themes that are associated with each house are a reflection of what that planet is most concerned with.

An example that I use to help explain this is to think about the planet as an expert and the house as the place they are most able to express the genius of their expertise. To make this more relatable, think about which room in your house a talented chef would be most able to use their gifts. Your kitchen. They would still be a great chef if they were in your living room or bathroom, but they would not have all the tools necessary to have much of an impact there.

When you hear an astrologer give an update about what the planets are doing for a given time period, they are letting you know which experts are in which (metaphorical) rooms and how they are interacting with each other. Your horoscope for your sun sign takes a closer look into the scene that is playing out and how it could affect you based on this generalized point of view.

This is a slightly more personal way to experience astrology, yet it is always changing and there are many pieces of this puzzle to gather in order to apply it to your specific circumstances right now. Astrologers are giving you a cosmic weather report and it is up to you to know the details of your chart to understand how this applies to you specifically. Or, of course, you can work 1:1 with someone to have them interpret the information for you.

As a business owner though, this is time-consuming and unless you are really interested in astrology and versed in the complex vocabulary of the system, it can get overwhelming very quickly. You need to focus your energy on serving your clients and other money-generating activities. Trying to figure out what the stars and planets are up to and how this might potentially have some relevance in your business is not an effective use of your precious time. I’m not saying there isn’t a wealth of valuable insight to be had there, because there absolutely is. What I’m saying is this is not the place to begin.

If you already have this knowledge and use it in your business, then what I’m sharing here can deepen that and provide even more benefit to you. And if you don’t, this is a fantastic starting point.

The house system we know and use today has been attributed to the careful observation of the Babylonians. By meticulously tracking the movements of the planets and documenting the areas of our physical world they saw most influenced during each phase, they were able to create a blueprint that we still use as a guide.


2004 was the first time I created my natal chart. I drew it in a sketchbook using a giant reference book that told me how to find each planetary placement based on my birth details—you could not create a chart in seconds on the internet then like you can today. I remember being intrigued by the houses and wanting to know more about what they meant for me specifically. A seed was planted.

It was well over a decade later before I found the next piece of the puzzle that I needed to continue my exploration. I found a reference that told me how to find the dates on the calendar each year that correlate with specific degree points in my natal chart giving me a personal calendar of my year to follow. I was super excited to have this information yet was thirsty to understand it on a deeper level. Another seed was planted.

I spent close to 3 years meticulously tracking my own movements through the houses and documenting the areas of my life that were most influenced during each phase. I compared this with the blueprint provided by the Babylonians and experimented with applying the insights I received. Simultaneously, I continued my study of astrology in general until I understood how to recreate the reference guide that I had found years earlier. With this evolved understanding of the system in general and decades of lived experience applying it, I can now answer the question that my former self longed to know: How do the houses relate to me specifically?

The next obvious step for me—being that I am not only an entrepreneur, but also work with intuitive entrepreneurs to align their business practices with their soul wisdom—was to explore applying what I learned to my business. This was transformational for me.

So here's my invitation to you. Come explore astrology with me in a new way. Get curious and navigate the existing information through the lens of your soul's wisdom. conduct experiments in the laboratory of your life, and use your findings to help you evolve your business alongside your own evolution. I am here to share my observations and the tools I developed to use in my own world so that you have something to begin with.

Just as you may watch a movie and walk away with insights that apply to your current circumstances or be inspired to take action in your life, you must always bring this wisdom back into your body and apply it to support your intended trajectory. Bring it home.

Your houses are your home. They are the structure that holds your journey through the Zodiac each year. While there are many moving parts in astrology, your houses remain consistent. You can use this as a calendar to understand where you are in this journey at any given time throughout the year and know exactly which activities to focus on in your business based on what is most energetically supported each step along the way.

I teach you how to do this in my Charting Your Course workshop held on the 28th of each month.

This is the foundation of astrology as it relates to you personally. From this place of understanding, all other aspects of astrology become more useful and expansive. Over the next several weeks, I will explore each house in more detail here on the blog and how to apply the wisdom available there to your business. Make sure to subscribe to get notifications and follow along!

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