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A Sign from the Universe

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I'm entering a new phase. Who isn't doing that right now??? The moon is in it's first quarter, we are in the midst of spring energy in many ways, and we are experiencing something that most of us (in our lifetime) have never experienced before. So yes, we are all entering a new phase.

As I enter into this new phase, I am consciously clearing my space - both mentally and physically - to make way for the new and to honor what is passing. Yesterday, I rearranged my office space. This is the space where I create. For many years, I have created not only for myself, but have given my creative energy to projects that, while aligning on some level with my soul's purpose, were not fully committed to it or born from within. That is changing.

This morning I entered back into the space (my office) which I had started clearing yesterday. I had left a pile of items on my shelf to return to today. This pile included a stack of papers containing an agenda and notes from an event that I had participated in several months ago. At the time, I was very passionate about this project. It was life-giving. That has since changed in many ways. While I feel sadness for that, I am also at peace with letting it go. I know that something greater awaits my attention.

At the top of the pile was a doodle that I mindlessly sketched out during a conference call at a different point in time. They had been shuffled together through a series of moving items from one place to another while I sorted through the contents of various drawers and shelves. The doodle is shown in the image below. All it says is forward. I don't remember the conversation that accompanied the making of this doodle or why I decided to save it originally, but I know why now. There was a part of me that knew I would need this very clear and concise message at this exact moment in time. Not only does the doodle include the word forward, but it has an arrow pointing forward underneath it, drawn in a way that looks a bit like a neon sign with lights flashing to help show the way. I mean, if that isn't a clear sign, what is?

We frequently disregard the messages that we leave for ourselves as a coincidence or devalue them because they don't show up in a format that we deem as spiritually guided, but that is not the case. Who better to know what we need than our own soul? Our soul that is connected with our Divine self.

The signs are always there. It is a matter of whether or not you allow yourself to receive them.

Try this:

  • Close your eyes.

  • Ask the universe a question.

  • Know that the answer will come to you at exactly the right moment.

  • Now, check your impatience and believe it to be true.

It is our ego that wants the answer to arrive immediately. We tell ourselves that if the answer doesn't show up immediately when we ask for it, that it is not coming. If we can prove that there is nothing greater out there working with us to help us reach our greatest potential, then we can stay stuck.

Why would we want to stay stuck? Why wouldn't we want to believe that there is a greater purpose in our lives or that we have not reached our greatest potential? Because then it is out of our hands. We are so frequently most afraid of our own power. What if I could change my situation? Why haven't I done it earlier? Does this make me a failure? What could I actually accomplish if I really listened to my inner guidance; to my intuition?

As we shift into a new phase in our life - whether that phase is one of significance or one that is designed to be temporary - we have an opportunity to review what we are taking with us.

If you've been following my writing through Atmaitri for a while or are a client of mine, you have undoubtedly encountered me discussing the energetic connection between cleaning your physical space, and clearing your mental space simultaneously. If you know me personally in any way, you probably know that I have moved 16 times in my adult life. I've lived in 5 states and there have been multiple times throughout this period that I moved more than one time within a span of a year.

The reason I bring this up is because moving is a great way to illustrate the process of transitioning from one phase into the next. When you physically move your home, you are forced to review every single item. You can do this over a long period of time and carefully review each item, or in a rushed state and make quick decisions about what stays and what goes. I've done both of these as well as everything in between.

There have been multiple times when I have boxed up items to review later and then placed them in storage for years without ever touching them; paying to store them for the entire time. Those same boxes were later hastily reviewed, broken up into smaller piles that got parsed up into a combination of fates including further storage in a different location, physically moving with me to be stored closer by, and released. Eventually, the boxes that moved into a different long term storage place were either donated or disposed of by a friend because by this time I really felt no attachment to any of it any longer and therefore didn’t feel a need to review any of it with.

Do you see how this is relative to how we deal with our emotions? There are times when our mind feels so cluttered that we break things up into digestible chunks so that we can deal with what is most urgent or needy. We often box up and store the things that we are not quite ready to deal with at this moment and keep them safely at a distance until we are ready to unpack them. When we finally do, we may find that most of what we've been holding onto was junk that was never needed in the first place. That junk though, may have also been protecting some things that were really meaningful or of sentimental value.

Perhaps you may even uncover some messages that you left for yourself to find when you were ready. Today the message I left for myself is forward, and because you are reading this right now, it is also your message. What is it telling you?

If this post is a sign for you but you are not sure yet how to work with it, you can find more ways to work with my on exploring your soul wisdom here.

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