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Does Your Business Ecosystem Support and Nourish Your Life?

Support (Channeled artwork by Regyna Curtis 5-4-21)

What makes a sustainable ecosystem? Every being contributes in their authentic way and each has access to all that they need for a thriving life. Energy flows easily in and out rhythmically with all beings giving to each other as they release and receive; renewing energy sources merely by being. There is a diverse population who each brings something unique to the environment and the needs of one are naturally fulfilled by the gifts of another.

When left to function naturally, we see this occur in nature all the time. There is a balance, (equilibrium, harmony…) present; a natural shift that sways to and fro—compensating for loss and overgrowth in all areas and rebalancing over time.

As you know by now—if you've known me for much time at all—I'm completely fascinated with tools of introspection. I recently came across a tool that helps you identify your creative type. It was developed by Adobe and you can find it here. Along with a description of how each type functions, they share your creative strength, your untapped potential, and your ideal collaborator.

My curiosity was fueled as I read through each description. I asked multiple loved ones to take the quiz and share their results so I could integrate this new knowledge through lived experience. What became quickly apparent to me was that no two types were paired with each other. The Artist needs a Producer to collaborate with while the Producer needs a Dreamer. The Dreamer in turn needs an Innovator, and so on.

My first thought was that this sets everyone up for disappointment as their ideal collaborator is, in turn, unfulfilled by their pairing, but quickly expanded my view. This relationship case study is actually an example of a sustainable ecosystem when viewed as a whole. The gifts of one feeds the needs of another, and they in turn are nourished by the gifts of someone else.

When I explore this through the lens of soul wisdom, your creative type is a label that can be used to describe one of your soul wisdom languages. We can receive information and express it through various forms, including thinking, images, sensations, emotions, and movement. The description for each type outlines the general recipe—how much of each of these ways are relied on or celebrated—or how fluent you are with this particular aspect of your soul wisdom (your authentic ways of knowing and being). This is merely one way of knowing/being—one aspect of who you are and how you show up in your life.

When engaging in activities that require your creative energy, this tool can help you understand your areas of strength, as well as your opportunities for support. Having language to help you identify the qualities or attributes needed in a potential collaborator can save you much time, energy, money, and other valuable resources.

Most corporate environments contain an infrastructure to house the various elements needed to maintain their own ecosystem. What is not done in-house is outsourced. There is no shame associated with outsourcing the type of work that is not the main function of the company, as this is generally accepted as a good business practice; focus on the thing you are good at—the purpose of your being—and don't waste time doing the rest. This increases efficiency and profitability.

Now think about your own situation. Are you an entrepreneur who feels guilty about asking for help with tasks that fall outside your scope of genius? Do you feel shame or shamed for outsourcing tasks that you don't enjoy or struggle to accomplish?


If that doesn't resonate with you, let me ask you this: What parts of your business light you up? What brings you joy and feels your purpose? How much of your time each day, week, etc. do you spend doing these things?

What diminishes this feeling? What tasks, what type of interactions, what responsibilities, etc. pull resources from you and deplete your energy? Do you have support in these areas?

Imagine having a go-to source that was not only capable of but built for these very things—that they were actually fueled by and fulfilled by doing these things. This is what we saw laid out in the example of the creative types’ relationships. This is what a sustainable business ecosystem looks like.

The unique needs and gifts of your business are interwoven with your unique gifts and needs as an individual. The clues for how to accurately and harmoniously meet these needs so that you can generously share those gifts are found in your soul wisdom languages. The more fluent you become in the language of your soul wisdom, the more you can utilize it to intentionally align your actions and fulfill your needs and sustainable ways.

Throughout my journey, I have become fluent in the language of my soul wisdom and honed the ability to interpret how others receive and express information. I use this ability to help them create sustainable plans that support their unique ways of knowing and being. It is a part of my sustainable business ecosystem to support others in doing this work.

I am currently accepting registrations for a program that I call The Missing Link. For this program, I have gathered a circle of wisdom leaders who each bring their unique gifts into this container to support a group of soul-guided entrepreneurs on their journey of creating a sustainable ecosystem for their business. As a soulpreneur, there is no separation between life and work because your work is an expression of you. So really, you are creating a sustainable way of being in business AND in life.

I invite you to explore with us.


For those who are curious: today, I am the Visionary according to Adobe’s creative types quiz. I have also gotten the Artist. Truly, we all have a combination of all the types and are likely to be more in one set of strengths than others on any given day. The more in tune the various ways of receiving and expressing information, the more fluency we gain in each area. We grow, learn, and evolve all the time. We tap into different gifts in different environments, and our needs also shift when faced with various challenges or we are triggered by our traumas, etc.


If the artwork that has been presented throughout this post resonates with you, you can learn more about it and the message that accompanies it on my YouTube Channel. I've shared the full video below where I read the message while presenting the image from various views. The theme of the piece is Support and it is part of a large collection of Soul Wisdom Vistas—channeled artwork that I create as a part of my devotional morning practice. They each come through first as visual artwork. I receive insights from the way the materials interact and how the image is formed, layer by layer. Eventually, a theme emerges, and with it a message.

I keep them in a drawer in my desk and occasionally rotate them on the walls of my office. I like to have them close by as they often come to mind or make themselves known in my awareness as I work with clients, run workshops, and various other interactions that I engage in within my day-to-day.

This message in particular will be represented as the visual for Module 7: Intentional Action & Sustainability, and will be integrated into the toolbox of resources that energetically support The Missing Link. It is 17-week group experience that will hold a space for soul-guided entrepreneurs to gather with peers and learn from soul wisdom leaders in our field while aligning their soul wisdom ways with their business to create nourishment and sustainability in their business practices.

LaChelle Amos of Silence of Sound Yoga will be supporting Module 7. She is a Heart Wisdom Leader and Coach, using her training in conflict resolution, sound healing, and yoga to support her clients. I'm honored to have her as a wisdom leader contributing to The Missing Link! Join us this coming week on my Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube Channel at noon central on 3/22 or IG live at 2:30 pm on 3/25 @atmaitri or @silenceofsoundyoga

This program is designed to support soulpreneurs who are already finding success in their business, yet are meeting frustration around old paradigm energies showing up and creating challenges, causing burnout, and blocking progress towards the thriving environment you are calling in. If you would like to set up a Discovery Call to learn more, you can do so here.

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