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The Solstice is Here: An Invitation to Move Forward Consciously

Paradigm Shift - The Leading Edge (Channeled artwork by Regyna Curtis 1-27-21)

The Solstice is here!

We are in the moment of transitionthe pause between the exhale and the inhale. The exhale of fall is behind us. The inhale into winter is inevitable.

We can choose to hold our breath in anticipation of darkness, bracing ourselves for the cold, barren, slow pace of the season, or we can take this moment to reflect, embrace the stillness, and enter knowingly. We can welcome the comfort of extra layers, warming foods, and the support of nature in helping to slow our circadian rhythm and receive from rest.

This day marks a conscious transition pointan offeringan invitation to celebrate. Can celebration and rest dance as partners within the landscape of our lives? I say absolutely, they can and do! They are beautiful in partnership with one another, the yin to each other’s yang and vice versa. They are experienced most beneficially when practiced in harmony with each other, embraced fully, and received graciously.

Relationships are meant to evolve just as seasons move onward. Some grow and shift within the evolution and continue on seamlessly, and others fall away or grow in different directions. When we look at our relationships through a microscope, focused only on one point in time or another, the same relationship may appear differently even to the point of being difficult to identify as the same pairing. Yet, when viewed from a more distant perspective, we can understand the evolution from both an individual and collective experience; each being on their own journey while engaging in partnershipgiving to and receiving from each other. While this relationship is aligned with the path of each individual, the energetic bond remains strong. When or if the trajectory of one or more parties shifts so too does the energy that keeps them resonant.

As we shift here in the northern hemisphere, from fall into winter, our relationships evolve too. Some more fluidly and others fall out of sync. This is not only natural but needed for our growth. As the snake sheds its skin, we outgrow ways of being that no longer fit us, and this includes how we show up in our relationships.

Our relationship with ourselves is the driving forcethe central command center that radiates out into all other relationships that we engage with physically and energetically. We can do this in one of two ways: consciously or unconsciously. Seasons change around us AND within us whether or not we are aware of the transition. The more aware we are of both our external and internal environmental shifts, the more knowingly we can traverse the landscape.

An expert guide in the wilderness knows not only the terrain below them but also how to read the signs presented around them and receive the guidance within them in order to confidently lead their patrons. This guidance can be described as our soul wisdom; the language our soul speaks to and through us with. The more fluent you become in this language, the more easily you can navigate the unknown terrain of your life, business, and relationships—the more easily these flow and evolve with you as seasons transition in both your internal and external worlds.

On this Solstice, I invite you to pause in the moment of transition between the releasing energy of fall and the deep inner sanctuary of winter. Reflect on and celebrate your achievements, feel and release all that presents itself to you as complete, and actively choose what to carry forward into this next adventure. What are you ready to create? What are you ready to heal? How are you ready to connect? In what ways are you ready to deepen or expand?

if you are looking for support on this journey through a collaborative space that cultivates immersive experiences, conscious community gatherings, and explores tools, techniques, and teachers to empower your soul wisdom, the winter season of Soul Wisdom Fluency is now open for enrollment. This is a sacred container where I will hold space for and support soul wisdom explorers on their journey over a 10-week period. If your soul wisdom is whispering (or shouting…) to step forward on this journey, click here to apply or set up a discovery call to learn more.

We are not returning to the roots of our wisdom ways, we are evolving into them. Let's evolve together.


One of the things that I truly love about being a soulpreneur is that the work I do in my personal life—for my own wellbeing—not only aligns nicely but informs, collaborates with, and receives from the work I do within the sphere of my work life. This is work-life balance in a form I never imagined when striving to achieve it in my corporate days.

It is fun to be not only an active participant but a compassionate observer of my own growth and to see how this supports and empowers the work I do with others. I often utilize the tools acquired and created along my own spiritual journey as resources and reference points along the journey I walk as a Soul Wisdom Mentor.

I have a large collection of Soul Wisdom Vistas—channeled artwork that I create as a part of my devotional morning practice. They each come through first as visual artwork. I receive insights from the way the materials interact and how the image is formed, layer by layer. Eventually, a theme emerges, and with it a message. At times these messages encourage me to share them immediately—sometimes with individuals only and other times with groups or on my social platforms—and other times they wait quietly until their time aligns where they will shine most brightly.

The message that accompanies this piece practically jumped at me this morning after writing this post. I saw the image immediately and remembered the theme of Paradigm Shift—how fitting, I thought, to accompany a post about the transition of seasons. Then I reread the message and understood how much deeper the message actually is. I have a collection of these works and their messages on my YouTube channel. Here is the video for Paradigm Shift - The Leading Edge. Enjoy!


Looking for further ways to connect in alignment with the yin energy of winter? This year I have been reconnecting with the power of storytelling and sharing my voice. I've done this through multiple collaborative projects and through reinvigorating this blog. Please check out the following to receive, read, or listen along:

Soul Wisdom Exchange: This is a 45-ish minute conversation where I connect with other Soul Wisdom Leaders and have a free-flowing exploration of the ways Soul Wisdom speaks to and through us. These are available live-streamed on my Facebook Page, live and as a playlist on my YouTube channel, or as a podcast through Podbean and Apple Podcasts.

Collaborative Book Projects: I contributed to two publications this year by writing chapters in Creativity Is...Whatever You Want It To Be and Mystics Revealed: Unconventional Success Stories by Extraordinary Leaders. Both are available as an e-book for 99 cents USD or you can reach out to me directly about a signed copy. Additionally:

  • For Mystics Revealed, I am currently offering a Book Bundle where you can order a signed copy from me and will receive a pre-recorded workshop on Connecting to Your Soul Wisdom for Clarity and Confidence and a 30-minute Soul Wisdom Mentoring Session with me for integration of the content.

  • For Creativity Is, you can receive a signed copy included with your purchase of Embark! which is a great way to kick off your journey of working with me. In addition to the book, this package includes a 90-minute Visioning Session with me, a Customized Devotional Practice, and a Soul Wisdom Compass.

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