Soul Wisdom Fluency

If you feel called to deepen and explore your relationship with your soul wisdom but aren't ready to work one on one, this small group program will help you learn the language of your soul wisdom and describe your unique ways of knowing and being.

Finding a supportive community to guide you on your journey is key to your success as an individual, and helps us grow and expand from an aligned space collectively. From this space, we can more easily and effectively deepen our relationship with our gifts, become confident in our inner knowing, and express ourselves authentically.

Registration is closed for this season, but will reopen for the next session at winter solstice!


Embark is a great way to test the waters before diving into the Soul Wisdom Fluency program. 

It is the beginning of a journey. A brief foray into the world of soul wisdom exploration. One that can stand alone as a whole experience or become the first step of a larger adventure.

This experience is a taste of what is offered in Soul Wisdom Fluency, but available to begin at any time.


If you are seeking confidence and clarity, ready to make decisions that are guided by your soul wisdom, or ready to embody your visions and birth them into reality, this is a fantastic place to launch from! 

Soul Wisdom Mentorship

If you are ready to take a deeper dive into your soul wisdom languages, I offer mentorship opportunities to help you interpret and become more fluent in speaking the language of this wisdom.  Together, we will embark on an expedition to uncover the language of your soul.


To do this, we will work collaboratively in monthly one on one calls with the intention of increasing your fluency in the language of your soul wisdom.  We will allow our intuition to guide our journey and explore with curiosity and openness to the messages we will receive.

To apply for this experience, please book a complimentary discovery call where we will examine fit, set intentions, and explore pricing, duration, and frequency of our work together.

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