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It's 11:11, Make a Wish!

This photo is from somewhere around 1982. Look at those bellbottoms! Haha
Riding on Grandpa's Shoulders

"It's 11:11, make a wish!" My grandfather spoke these words to me so many times when I was a child. For most of that time, I really thought that this was just a quirky thing that he had made up. Regardless of whether he made it up or it had significance far beyond what I was aware of at the time, it was special. It was a special thing that we shared and would celebrate together whenever we happened upon it.

I was always really close with my grandmother. When she passed away, I really felt that a piece of me left this Earth. In the years that followed, my relationship with my grandfather drifted as well. It was as if she was the puzzle piece that held us together and without her, we didn't seem to fit anymore. Ultimately though, I don't think it was our relationship that was missing something, it was something we each felt we was missing within us individually.

So why does this number hold so much significance - aside from the special place it held between my grandfather and I? Some call it an Angel number. Some note it's repetitive nature. Others have no idea why they are drawn to it or why they keep seeing it show up in their life. All of these hold significance. What holds a specific meaning for one may hold something completely different yet just as important to another.

Our "signs" or "confirmations" show up differently for each of us because we each speak the language of our own soul. Yes, there are often areas of intersection or overlap where the same symbolism shows up similarly for multiple people and spans lifetimes and generations. I see these as sign posts or meeting places along our journey. They help us connect with each other and find our way, however they still show up for each of us within the context of our own experience, precisely at the times when we need them.

They say that wisdom comes with age. As I get older, I understand this more intimately. While we gain knowledge frequently and can gain wisdom all along the way, there are certain things that can only be truly and accurately illustrated with time. The intuitive work that I do with individuals frequently requires me to stand firmly in a place of faith in my abilities and trust that they will receive whatever it is that they need from our work at the very time that they need it. It is lovely when this happens immediately, as a confirmation for them as well as validation for me, yet this is often not the case. Sometimes we are not quite ready to hear the messages that we receive, although we need to hear them anyway in order to start building up our tolerance to them. Other times, the information is not meant for this moment.

Christmas Morning with Grandpa

We aren't always meant to understand every interaction we have. Our bodies consume, process, and transmit massive amounts of data and energy; some of it with our conscious awareness, and much of it without. When we interact with another human, we are not only listening to their words, but we are processing their body language and receiving information intuitively and physically in our own bodies. We communicate consistently with those around us, and with ourselves. There are many ways of knowing, and only a small fraction of those ways require words or thoughts.

Today is November 11th, or 11/11. This day holds significance in many different ways for many different people, and they are all special in their own rite. For me, it holds significance on many different levels. I understand now as an adult and someone who works in the world of intuition and energy that this is a very powerful number to align your intentions with. There is also still that little girl within me who remembers the magic and mystery of when we would happen upon it on the clock and my grandfather would fill with excitement. So whether you are setting intentions today to align with the energy of this power number day, or merely want permission to dream big for a day, go ahead and make a wish!

The moment the idea for this post came into my head, I could hear my grandfather whisper "it's 11:11, make a wish!" I looked down and saw this on my phone screen. <3

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