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Is This Life or a Movie Script?

There is an image that keeps appearing in my minds eye that is somewhat akin to being suspended in Jello. Instead of fruit though, it is people.

Everything is a bit wobbly yet stagnant at the same time. Our view of what is happening around us is distorted by the gelatinous substance of which we are completely surrounded by. Time has slowed; or has it stopped? The substance seems to have gelled quickly and without our knowledge or permission, and now we are stuck in it. What we forget though, is that we can dissolve it just as effortlessly as it consumed us.

Awareness of your situation is crucial if you want to drive the direction of any change you wish to make; otherwise the changes happen to and for you. That's not exactly how it really works, but that is surely how it feels.

The Universe works within a set of energetic laws, just as science does. Many of those laws are quite the same thing when you dig a little deeper, but they are worded using a different language which was created and intended for those who already speak it.

On my Spiritual journey, I have encountered a variety of numbers attached to the laws of the Universe. Are there 7? Maybe 12? Could it be as many as 33?! I find this search to be a bit like the picture of the triangles that are floating around social media right now. I see 20. You know why I see that many? I see them because that is the number I first heard associated with it and so I searched for 20 and found them. I spent a moment looking for more, but no more than that. I decided this activity was no longer worth my time and moved on.

This is how we often digest knowledge. We take what in what is given to us. We may explore a little, or search for varying opinions, but we are generally looking for what we've already determined to be truth. If the source of your information came from someone or somewhere that you've already deemed reputable or trust worthy, then you assume that this information must also be trust worthy.

There are some things though, that speak to your soul directly. For those things, you engage in a quest for knowledge through direct experience. Sometimes we are aware of the quest when we set off and many times we don't realize that we are on it until we are well into it. For many, we've prepared for this our entire lives. In fact, we likely began the journey at birth or before. We've spent our entire lives gathering the tools and people that we will need to help us along the way.

I've been told (on more than one occasion) that I collect people. For a long time, I didn't understand why or how I did this. I just knew that that there were certain people that I encountered in life that were special. They stood out to me and I knew that I wanted them to remain in my life. Throughout time, I began to see threads of connection among these people, regardless of their relationship to each other, location in the world, or profession. These people are my friends, colleagues, healers, teachers, random connections I met on a flight at some point and became social media friends with, and the list goes on. There are also people who I've met for sometimes only minutes or even seconds that have left a lasting impression on me. Their words still echo in my mind, or they've left an energetic imprint in my memory that I often feel or see.

This team of people supports me on my quest. Some of them are right there beside me in the trenches, hauling gear and fighting off enemies. Some of them pop up like a "Force ghost" to remind me of important messages that steer me clear of danger. Some of them are a distant memory and also a glimpse at the future; at what I am seeking. What am I searching for? Great question! I am in pursuit of my true self. Aren't we all?

You know those movies (yes, all of them, haha!) where someone is on a quest to find the truth? They assemble a team and a toolkit of supplies and they go on a long and arduous journey fighting monsters and villains the whole way through. Eventually they reach the summit, whatever that is - a castle, a land, a planet, a person - and realize that they not only have had the answer within them the entire time, but they are actually the truth they are looking for as well.

The quest I speak of is your life purpose. The knowledge as well as the monsters and villains are a reflection of something internal that you are fighting to overcome. The land that you navigate through is a physical manifestation of the language (or dialect) you speak. The truth you seek is within you all along.

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