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Thu, Feb 16



Charting Your Course 2/16/23

Let's explore how you can tap into the changing seasons of nature to help you sustain your energy, connect with your soul clients, and create sacred wild wealth in your business!

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Charting Your Course 2/16/23
Charting Your Course 2/16/23

Time & Location

Feb 16, 2023, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM CST



About the Event

So much of your life is scheduled to the rhythm of what everyone else is doing. There are structures in place to help you navigate your life with ease and certainty, and this comes in handy in many instances. For example, it helps you know when your plane departs, and on what day each year to send your bestie a birthday gift. Yet there are areas of your life that could benefit more from you working with your own personal cycles and rhythms rather than those occurring around you.

When you work in a corporate setting there is a necessity for everyone to work on the same schedule, but as an entrepreneur, your company actually benefits more from alignment with the schedule that works for you. You are the life force—the fuel, the inspiration, and the cartographer (map maker) for this journey. If you get burned out, no one is served well.

If you have trouble sustaining your energetic reserves or feel like you're constantly pushing to get things done in your business, you may be out of alignment with your natural pace and timing.

So how do you change this?

You get in tune with your natural rhythms and cycles.

Modern inventions have helped us progress and evolve in many ways, yet they have also disconnected us from nature more and more. We now get in our car and plug an address into our GPS when we head out on a journey rather than looking to the stars to help us navigate our way. Or do we?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It tracks where we are and provides guidance to where we are going using information shared via satellite—direction provided from among the stars. Technology is a medium—a tool to help us interpret wisdom and create tangible steps as we move toward our destination.

Astrology is another tool that you can use to help you navigate your journey. Astronomy is a tool used for understanding the position of the stars, planets, etc. Astrology is a tool used for understanding the meaning of how they move and interact with each other, and how that affects and influences you.

There are two major blocks (resistances) I encounter with people regarding using astrology as a tool in their life.

1) They believe it is a made-up mystical story with no tangible use in their life, and

2) It's a complex and nuanced system with a language they don't understand, so they get overwhelmed and quit before        they discover how to apply it or benefit from it

So often—and is my personal experience as well—astrology is first accessed as a sort of fortune teller. You learn your sun sign and read your horoscope and sometimes it's accurate and often it's too vague to tell. Language is used in a matter-of-fact manner that places labels and meaning on you that may or may not resonate. Yet there is so much more to astrology than can be learned through this one very tiny viewpoint, interpreted by someone who doesn't know you.

Your GPS may advise you on the fastest way to get to your destination, but YOU choose the destination and YOU make decisions along the way as to how you get there. In the same way, astrology is a tool to engage as you navigate each year, make decisions along the way, and choose where you are headed next.

In this workshop, we will use astrology and the cycles of the moon to help you chart the course of your year ahead. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of astrology in order to enjoy and benefit from this workshop. If you do have an interest or knowledge in this area already, wonderful! We will expand on what you know and create ways for you to deepen your relationship with the tools available to you.

By bringing awareness to how the cycles of nature align with your natural flow of energy and identifying the dates when these occur along your personal journey, you can take action when they are most supportive of what you are creating, healing, or releasing.

I've been working with and developing these tools for the better part of the last decade and have experienced so much joy, insight, and powerful transformation through this process. My clients have seen results in their businesses and in their personal life in the form of:

  • Deeper connections and better-aligned relationships (clients, collaborators, mentors)
  • Spaciousness and flow in their schedule
  • Sustainable energy reserves
  • Honoring their needs to rest, play, and create
  • Confidence in sharing their authentic gifts
  • Trust in their personal process and timing
  • Refining their offerings and pricing leading to increased income

Are you ready? I'm so excited to share this with you!

In our time together, we will create your calendar of significant dates, identify when your personal seasons occur, and align the themes of your astrological houses with the phases of the moon so that you know when they are most supportive for you to work with them, creating powerful transformation.

You will need to bring your birth location, date, and time in order to create the calendar. If you do not know and are unable to find out the exact time, please bring your most educated estimate and we can work with that. If you have questions about this, let me know.

I recommend bringing a journal and making time and space to be fully present and uninterrupted (as much as possible - life is occurring around us and that's ok).

I will provide a packet of information in advance of the workshop that you may want to print out and use for charting your course. If you prefer not to print it or do not have access to a printer, I will have alternate ways for you to work with the information and access everything you need. You will receive this packet shortly after registering.

If you have any questions or wonder if this workshop is correct for you, email me at


  • Standard Admission

    Includes live workshop, replay access, and workshop informational packet.

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