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Tue, Nov 28



Charting Your Course 11/28/23

Attain sustainable work-life harmony by aligning with the wisdom of your natal chart and embracing your natural rhythms and cycles.

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Charting Your Course 11/28/23
Charting Your Course 11/28/23

Time & Location

Nov 28, 2023, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST



About the Event

🌟 Charting Your Course: Embrace Your Natural Rhythms for Easeful Success! 🌟

Are you tired of running your business on a schedule that leaves you running on empty? In a world filled with structures and routines designed to keep you on time with everyone else, it's time to discover the magic of aligning with YOUR unique cycles and rhythms.

Welcome to Charting Your Course, the workshop designed for visionary entrepreneurs, like you, who aspire to expand your business while also prioritizing your well-being by valuing rest and play, and engaging your creativity and intuition.

🌌 Your Journey to an Elevated and Aligned Work-Life Ecosystem Begins Here

As an entrepreneur, your personal energy resources fuel your business endeavors as you maintain the intricate world of your personal and social life.  Your business thrives when you thrive and you thrive when your business thrives; it’s a symbiotic relationship.

Self-care is important for everyone, but as an entrepreneur, prioritizing your well-being is essential. If your work is depleting your life force energy, no one is served well. As you honor your natural pace and timing in all areas of your life—including your business—you create a sustainable work-life environment that naturally and easefully resources itself.

🌠 Unlock the Power of Astrology in a Whole New Way

In a world dominated by modern inventions, we often lose touch with the ancient wisdom of astrology. Much like a GPS guides us on a journey, astrology serves as a transformative tool to interpret the stars' wisdom and create tangible steps toward your destination.

Astrology is a vast and complex system that is a wise teacher. There are countless ways to work with it and learn from it, and every astrologer has their own unique perspective. In Charting Your Course, we start at the foundation—your natal chart. This map of the cosmos from the moment of your birth is coded with the wisdom of how your energy flows throughout each year.

In this workshop, you learn how to decode this wisdom and create the calendar of your personal seasons to help you chart your course consciously through each year.

🌙 Tap into the Moon's Wisdom and Compassionate Endurance

Harness the Moon's reliable influence to set short-term intentions, fueling faster, more efficient, and easeful progress in your life and business. The Moon’s Cycles are consistent and compassionate, lasting just over 4 weeks with each passing.

It is important to set big goals for yourself and your business, and the larger cycle of our journey around the Sun each year is a supportive container for tracking and realizing these goals. However, there is a long and winding road to navigate as you move forward, and proactively identifying points along the way for rest, reflection, release, and revelry, makes the process much more enjoyable.

Workshop Highlights

  • Utilize the wisdom of your natal chart to create the calendar of your personal seasons and align with your natural rhythms and cycles
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the ongoing Moon Cycles and how they help you set short-term intentions, leading to faster, more efficient, and easeful progress in life and business
  • Discover favorable timeframes for action, rest, play, and creativity so that you can seize the moments most aligned with your energetic flow.
  • Achieve easeful efficiency, elevated results, and powerful transformation by aligning your business with your energetic flow and supported energies

🌿 A Prosperous Journey Awaits You

For over a decade, I've honed these tools in my own life and business, receiving greater and greater benefits each time I travel through another cycle with them. I now share them with entrepreneurs like you so you can reap these rewards in your own life and business.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ve healed, you deconditioned, you’ve ignited your inspiration and created a business from the seeds of your deepest desires. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the ride!

💖 The profound insights, joyful celebrations, and powerful transformations experienced by our clients speak for themselves:

  • Deeper connections and better-aligned relationships (clients, collaborators, mentors)
  • Spaciousness and flow in their schedule, leading to sustainable energy reserves
  • Honoring the needs of rest, play, and creativity
  • Confidence in sharing authentic gifts and trusting personal process and timing
  • Refining offerings and pricing, resulting in increased income

🌈 Unlock the Secrets to YOUR Sustainable Success

How would it feel to make vital decisions in your life and business based on when and how YOU are most supported to thrive?

Old paradigm business models work on the quarter system which is dictated by our collective systems and structures which may actually drain your energy rather than support you in progressing your business forward.

Are you ready? I'm so excited to share this with you!

✅In our time together, we will:

  • Create the Calendar of Your Personal Seasons with significant dates and identify when your energy is most supported and challenged by the external seasonal energies
  • Identify when your personal seasons occur, including which house and season you are navigating right now so you can start applying the tools you receive in the workshop right away
  • Explore how to align your business strategy with the themes of your astrological houses (provided in the workshop materials) so your energy is naturally resourced and plentiful throughout every season, allowing you to create sustainable growth while prioritizing rest, play, and creativity
  • Track and work consciously with the Moon phases so you can utilize these cycles to empower your progress and take tangible steps toward your long-term growth

📒What You'll Need to Participate

  • Your birth location, date, and time in order to create the calendar. If you do not know and are unable to find out the exact time, please bring your most educated estimate and we can work with that. If you have questions about this, let me know.
  • I recommend bringing a journal and making time and space to be fully present and uninterrupted (as much as possible - life is occurring around us and that's ok).

I will provide a packet of information in advance of the workshop that you may want to print out and use for Charting Your Course. If you prefer not to print it or do not have access to a printer, I will have alternate ways for you to work with the information and access everything you need. You will receive this packet shortly after registering.

If you have any questions or wonder if this workshop is correct for you, email me at

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  • Standard Admission

    Includes live workshop, replay access, and workshop informational packet.

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    Contribute to the Charting Your Course Scholarship Fund. Your extra $21 will help fund a fellow entrepreneur who would not otherwise be able to take this journey! Thank you!!

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