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I Am the Other You: You Are Another Me

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

I heard a phrase today that has been attributed to the Myans: In Lak'ech Ala K'in. As I researched the origin and meaning of it, I found many translations, interpretations, and opinions on whether or not it is used and attributed correctly. Essentially, the meaning though, in all of the sources that I read were along the same line; interconnectedness, unity, oneness.

Whether or not it is a phrase truly used in Mayan culture, or created as an expression of a way of being is apparently up for debate. Regardless of it's origin, however, I find the message to be quite beautiful.

I often take photos of reflections. I did this long before I started working with how energy is reflected both internally and externally. Similar to the beauty and insights I find through language, I find much beauty in the concept of reflection; both physically and energetically.

The image above was taken in Philadelphia, PA. I love how you can tell that it is the sky reflected, yet it appears pixelated. Alone the reflections in each window pane would not be recognizable, but all together and against the background of similar visuals, you can easily identify what it is.

This image was taken recently off the coast of Florida on Siesta Key. I really love how the light from the sky is reflected as light on the water and the clouds almost merge into their own reflection.

At the end of many yoga classes, you will hear the instructor and students exchange the term "Namaste". This is often translated as "the light in me honors the light in you". Again, there is much debate about the origins of this terminology and whether or not it is used appropriately. Ultimately, I believe, that most who use it are doing so with the intention of connecting in peace and love with those they exchange the word with.

This one was taken in Melbourne, Australia. I loved how the boats reflected on the water as wavy shadows of themselves. This is how we often see the reflections of ourselves through the experiences we have with others; wavy, a little distorted, and somewhat unrecognizable at times.

I have studied and practiced the system of Reiki regularly for several years. In the Shoden training (also known as Level 2), you learn a mantra and symbol to help you connect with the concept of interconnectedness.

When you work as a practitioner to perform hands on healing for a patient, or perform Reiju (also known as an attunement, initiation, or direct experience/blessing) as a teacher (Reiki Master), you are not imparting or giving energy to the other person. You are connecting with the Universal Energy (Ki) that is within and flowing through you both. You are able to connect because you are this energy; you are interconnected and are merely setting an intention to recognize this. In this way, you both receive healing and insights from this practice as does the entire Universe.

This video was also taken in Florida on a different trip. It is on a lake in Winter Park. What I like about this imagery and why I am placing it here is because it shows how the reflection of the clouds moves on the surface as the water ripples. When we connect our energy with another, it ripples through space and time to expand and continue connecting with others.

All of the phrases, concepts, and images I've shared lead to the same place; we are all connected. There are many more examples of this and I could spend days writing them all out and explaining their origin, intended meaning, and visual representations, but I think you can gain what you need from these examples. So how can we apply this in our everyday lives?

When we want to help someone and we don't know how, we can turn within and find something within ourselves that is the same as that other person. Perhaps it is a commonality, but perhaps it is nothing more than the realization that you are both human. Focus on that part of you and send it love. If there is a concrete thing that you can do to give it love - feed it nourishing food, pamper it in a way that you would like to gift to them but are unable to, speak to it kindly, or heal it emotionally - do that. Set an intention that as you create this space within you, the benefits are transferred to them in whatever way their soul is able to receive it.

Our words are incredibly powerful and have the ability to physically change our minds and bodies. It is important to know though, that our bodies, minds, and the Universe do not speak the language of spoken word. They speak the language of energy. Energy is transmitted through intention and emotion. How we feel about something is what we grow and manifest into our lives. Mantras and phrases and acts of service are reminders or road signs to bring us closer to the energy of what it is that we seek and gain magnitude through repetition and allowing ourselves to BEcome the energy in our bodies (feeling/emotion).


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