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There are three primary forms in which I work with other soul wisdom explorers to help guide you on your journey.  I offer Soul Wisdom Mentoring - I've developed several programs where you can work with me 1:1 in an intuitive and collaborative fashion. Current offerings are listed here

A great way to get to know me and meet other soul wisdom explorers is through my Circle community: The Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge. This is a free community where I host monthly discussions, open group coaching calls, and provide resources and prompts all throughout the month to inspire connection and collaboration. 


I offer Experiences - often small group offerings but occasionally designed for individuals- in the form of workshops, programs, and retreats, allowing us to dive deeper to unlock and explore your Soul Wisdom gifts. Check for upcoming opportunities on the Event Calendar.


I also offer unique products, such as custom Soul Wisdom Compasses, where I channel the message you as an individual need to hear most from your soul wisdom right now and as you navigate your journey. 

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