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How does your soul
communicate with you?


Your soul wisdom communicates to you and through you via 5 wisdom channels:

  • Thinking

  • Images

  • Movement

  • Emotions

  • Sensory

You have the capacity to utilize all of them, yet are likely more practiced in some than others. The more you consciously work with each, the more fluent you become. Soul wisdom fluency means that you can recognize the wisdom you receive, interpret it, and express yourself effectively to others or take aligned action from that guidance.

I am fluent in all of my wisdom channels which allows me to guide you easefully, receiving through all of my channels, and then reflecting the insights to you through the channels that you understand best.


As you progress along your journey, your soul wisdom fluency evolves with you. As a soul-guided visionary, you utilize this wisdom in the work you do with others, just like I do with you when we work together. You will receive the gifts of my soul wisdom through intuitive artworks, channeled insights, customized devotional practices, and a buffet of other tools and modalities that are cultivated specifically for you.

When I first began doing my soul-guided work in the world, I focused on helping others by sharing the insights and confirmations I received through my soul wisdom. While that was powerful work and actually helped me become more fluent, I now focus on helping you tap into the power of your soul wisdom. 

It is not my goal to teach you how to do things like me, it is my intention to empower you to do them in the way that best serves you, supports your evolution, and magnifies your unique magnificence so that you can make a greater impact in the world.

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