Soul Wisdom Fluency

Becoming Fluent in the Language of Our Souls

Registration is closed for fall 2021.  The next session will open at winter solstice!

About the Program

Who is the Soul Wisdom Fluency Experience For?

Anyone who:

  • Knows they are a spiritual being

  • Knows that they have intuitive abilities and gifts

  • Understands that life is a journey and we are all teachers for each other

  • Feels the calling to explore and deepen a relationship with their soul wisdom

  • Wants to make an impact in the world and share their gifts but are not sure where to start

  • Does not have the language to describe their ways of knowing or being in the world

  • Is looking to define and expand their repertoire of intuitive gifts, abilities, skills, and techniques

  • Understand that there are insights for healing, integration, and direction in every experience that we have

  • Know that they are ready to manifest something really important, however, need additional clarity before moving forward

  • May still be in the process of overcoming limiting beliefs, yet have an awareness that they are there

  • Is just beginning to embrace and own their inner knowing, tools, and abilities, and want to practice sharing them in a safe and welcoming space

  • Is looking to connect with others that are in a similar place along their own journey

  • Is ready to invest time and energy in creating their dreams in a truly aligned and conscious way

  • Is nourished by having a community container to hold space for them as they dive deep into their inner wisdom


Hi! I'm Regyna.
I am a soul wisdom explorer. I have always been me, but I haven’t always known how to be authentically myself or to claim my own magnificence. Several years ago, after an intense but beautiful, inspiring, and healing experience, I consciously embarked on a journey. This moment marked the beginning of a new level of exploration for me into my intuitive gifts and launched my career as a Soul Wisdom Mentor. 

Community has always been really important to me. Our trusted communities have the ability to reflect things that are resonant for you, what you resist, and where there is contrast in ways that are safe and nourishing for our personal growth and collective evolution. A diverse ecosystem in nature is one that is in harmony and thriving through the interactions, cycles and rhythms, and reciprocity contained within the unique contributions each element brings to the space.

Finding a supportive community to guide you on your journey is key to your success as an individual, and helps us grow and expand from an aligned space collectively. From this space, we can more easily and effectively deepen our relationship with our gifts, become confident in our inner knowing, and express ourselves authentically.

As we each progress along our own path, we become an example and can provide mentorship having consciously chosen to live this experience in our everyday life. We can guide and support others as they learn to become receptive to insights, empower their authenticity, and live with integrity.

How we know is different for each of us, yet similar in some ways to other people. When we find those people, who know in similar ways, we find within them a safe place to explore our own gifts and inner wisdom. We engage in a wisdom exchange. We share our tools. We share our soul. We learn to be in relationship with the energetic language of our soul wisdom through connection and conversation. We learn how to be in service to others while also in service to ourselves.

I've learned to identify and communicate in the languages that my soul speaks; creativity, nature, movement, empathic gifts, intuitive awareness, to name a few. There are many. I have learned to speak the language of my soul wisdom fluently, and I know the importance of sharing this wisdom with others as we encounter each other along our life paths.

Are you ready? Now is the time!

  • You have not been recognized for your gifts

  • You keep meeting frustration because you have not claimed your true greatness - YOUR authentic ways of knowing and being

  • You can feel the drive to create - to bring your power back within and align with your soul purpose

  • You feel it and want to take the steps necessary, but are not sure where to even start

  • You know this is exactly what you've needed and are ready to empower your path

I'm Ready to Chat!

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