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Soul Wisdom Fluency

We are not returning to our soul wisdom ways, we are evolving into them.

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Hi! I'm Regyna

I am a Soul Wisdom Explorer. I have always been me, but I haven’t always known how to show up authentically as myself or to claim my magnificence. Several years ago, after an intense but beautiful, inspiring, and healing experience, I consciously embarked on a journey. This moment marked the beginning of a new level of being and trusting my intuitive gifts and launched my career as a Soul Wisdom Mentor

Welcome to Soul Wisdom Fluency

This season, I am looking to work with a group of 8 Soul Wisdom Explorers; individuals who are in communication with their Soul Wisdom Languages and are ready to play, explore and create with confidence and clarity.


Regardless of where you are in your journey and what phase of your creative process you are in, you can benefit from connecting with your soul wisdom in an intentional way, receiving support as you interpret this wisdom and create actionable steps to implement it, and connecting with a group of aligned collaborators.

Who Is This Experience For?

  • Soul Wisdom Explorers

    • You love exploring the world of energy and patterns

    • You follow your inner knowing through the signs and confirmations presented along your journey to build your path as you go

    • You create in soul-guided and meaningful ways

    • You want to deepen your relationship with your soul wisdom and the ways it speaks to and through you

    • You're looking to connect and collaborate with other Soul Wisdom Travelers

  • Those looking for support along the journey in the form of

    • Conscious communication

    • Intuitive guidance

    • Intentional action

I am not here to teach you how to do things like me. It is my mission to support and empower you to do them like you. I use the term mentor rather than coach or healer because the work we do together is collaborative. I bring my gifts, tools, and experience to meet you where you are. We create intentions for what you want to explore this season and develop tools and practices to support you on the journey.

Then we travel. We alternate between individual sessions and Group Gatherings. The individual sessions are where we go deep into your intentions, practices, and integration. The group gatherings are where we expand, explore, and connect.

All of the work we do is intuitively guided. We create the container and then go on an adventure together. This is a sacred space; one you will emerge from transformed. Your relationship with your soul wisdom evolved and deeper than when you entered.

Expectations - What Do I Expect From You?

  • Our work together is a collaboration, so it is important that you show up

    • Show up fully present with an open mind and open heart

    • Ready to receive

    • Ready to share

    • Ready to be in this experience

  • We make every effort to meet at times that are accessible to all participants

    • We don't choose Group Gathering call times until the registration period is complete

    • Life is happening and ever-evolving, so replays are available for all group interactions, and Individual Interactions are scheduled by you

The 5 Elements of this Experience

Element 1: Soul Wisdom Compass

This is a tool that gives you the view of your current position as seen through the lens of your intention. It is infused with clues to help you navigate the path ahead. Because it is created in the energy of your intention and in harmony with your Soul Wisdom, it will calibrate to evolve with you as you navigate your journey throughout the season.

Element 2: Devotional Practice

These practices are your daily support — the loving friend that will hold your hand and walk you through unknown places with a constant sense of familiarity. The more devoted you are to it, the more devoted it is to you in return, yet know you are learning from it no matter how engaged you are on any given day.

Element 3: 1:1 Soul Wisdom Mentoring

This is where we go deep. This is your time. We work collaboratively and intuitively to provide you with the support you need. We use your initial intention as a framework but continuously check in on where you are and adjust your support tools as needed. This may include shifting existing ones to get you where you are more accurately, removing tools or practices as needed, or exploring resistance to understand your needs on a deeper level.

Element 4: Group Gatherings

Whatever we experience in our internal world is also reflected back to us in our external world. During Group Gatherings, we engage with this relationship consciously. We actively participate in learning from the journey of others. We share our experiences in service of others and of ourselves.


The themes of these calls are guided intuitively and inspired by what shows up collectively for our group through 1:1 work as well as threads that we explore in our collective space throughout the season. Each gathering is unique yet includes some form of playful exploration with intuition a guided journey to connect with your Soul Wisdom, group sharing, and exploration of insights and reflections.

Element 5: Wisdom Workshops

These workshops are opportunities to learn from and explore with Soul Wisdom Leaders from my personal network. They are trusted travelers that I have met along my own journey and connected with through my Soul Wisdom Guidance. They are well-traveled in the world of Soul Wisdom and I invite them into our space to share their gifts with you. Each workshop offers you an opportunity to play with the tools and techniques that they employ along their journey.


This is one place where we open the container of the Soul Wisdom Fluency experience to additional explorers during the season. You are invited to extend this opportunity to others so that they can engage and explore even if they are not in the Soul Wisdom Fluency community for the season.

I have always been me, but I have not always been confident in my ways of knowing and being. Throughout my lifetime, I have been on a journey of continuously overcoming my fears and embracing my weirdness. Many teachers, tools, and techniques have helped me learn to be clearer in my knowing and confident in my action.


This journey has helped me learn how to interpret and become fluent in the Language of my Soul Wisdom. So now it's my turn to support others on their journey. I'm still learning we all are. This is what it means to be alive.

So tune in now check in with the wisdom of your heart, body, and soul to ask if this is a journey for you right now. If the answer is YES! then I welcome you. The journey is more fun when we travel together and I am ready for an adventure!


  • If you are hesitating, ask yourself why. Is this something that truly resonates with you? Is this experience something that speaks to you and you are ready to welcome into your life right now?

    • If not, I honor that and I encourage you to follow that knowing

    • If it absolutely resonates with you, yet you have clarification questions or challenges to navigate, please reach out and we can explore options

  • Aside from overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, the two most common challenges that pop up here have to do with time and financial commitment

    • I have addressed timing with the replay options and flexible scheduling

    • If you have financial challenges you can apply for assistance here

Why Do We Flow with the Seasons?

The Soul Wisdom Fluency experience is collaborative and individual. The space we create together is sacred. I open this container with the transition of seasons to honor all who have taken the journey of the previous season and welcome new travelers into the space.


We take the opportunity while this space is expanded and open to celebrate! What better time to do this than in alignment with nature as she is in the midst of transformation, aligned with the dates that mark this time of reflection and celebration?

Initially, I saw this as a year-long experience and I welcome those who choose to take that journey. However, one of the key pilars in my personal philosophy of how to navigate a spiritual journey is to check in regularly. Life thrives in environments that are in motion. I want to keep the energy alive and replenished, so I created opportunities to release, pause and refill.


This also creates a wonderful opportunity for conscious celebration; to honor the journey we've taken, integrate, rest, and consciously embark on the next adventure in whatever way we choose to travel. You can come in and out of the container during different seasons; maybe for some that will include being in the container for a full year at a time and for some, it may be only one season.


Some may choose to come in for a season, leave for a season, and come back for a season. It's a personal journey and this is a sacred container where you can come in to consciously travel and explore when it aligns with what's going on in your life. When it no longer does, there's an opportunity to reflect on that, and travel in a different way as you continue forward.

Soul Wisdom Fluency Details

General Details

  • 2021/22 Soul Wisdom Fluency Winter Season registration opens on 12/21 and closes on 1/1

  • The overarching theme of this season is Cycles and Rhythms

  • The maximum number of participants I will receive this season is 8

    • I keep this container small to ensure that the space remains both intimate and nourishing for all

  • We will travel together for 10 weeks

  • The financial investment for this season is $2331 or three payments of $777

    • I am a strong believer in the power of referral and paying it forward, so I'd rather invest in you and your circle than pay for advertising to strangers on the internet

    • Program alum receive 10% off

    • If you refer someone who is accepted and enrolls, you each receive 5% off (you can do this multiple times and greatly reduce your own program fee - please use discernment and refer people you truly believe would be a good fit)

    • A scholarship application is provided if needed



  • 5 1:1 Soul Wisdom Mentoring Sessions

    • You are provided a link to book your sessions as you are available

    • Our first session is a Visioning Call where we

      • Set up your intention for the season

      • Initiate the process of creating your Soul Wisdom Compass - a channeled artwork and message in response to your intention that will support you as you navigate the journey ahead

      • Develop a Devotional Practice to support you on your journey

  • 5 Group Gatherings

    • These are scheduled at a recurring time determined by the availability of the group

    • Once Registration closes, I gather availability preferences from each participant and schedule a time that works best for the group

    • Replays are shared for each group gathering

  • 4 Wisdom Workshops

    • Throughout the experience I invite Soul Wisdom Leaders to share their gifts, tools, and techniques with our group

    • This season will include the wisdom topics of

      • Tracking as a Self-Care Practice

      • Heart Wisdom Leadership and Conflict Transformation

      • Visual Reflections – Using Art as a Tool for Inner Work

      • Learning from Our Inner Child

I’m Ready to Embark on this Journey!

As I noted above, there are only 8 spaces available inside of this container for the upcoming season and I consider each participant to be a valuable part of this equation. The application process is simple; just one question. If we have worked together before, we already know each other and upon receiving your answers in the form below, I will invite you to register. If we have not, I may ask for a brief get-to-know-you call before extending the invitation to register.

Thanks for applying! I’ll be in touch soon.


In need of assistance?

I've been there too. At times, I still am. Here is an option.

At least one partial scholarship is available each season. The amount is determined on a case-by-case basis.

You do not have to submit the form above if you are submitting an application for scholarship consideration.

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