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The Soul Wisdom Exchange Summit

Our journey is more enjoyable when we travel together!

July 7-11, 2021

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Do you ever find yourself thinking these things?

  • I want to create change, but I don't know how

  • Maybe I’m weird

  • I have this feeling, but I can't put words to it

  • I know there's something more

  • I feel different than I used to

  • It would be better if I had someone to help me figure this out

  • I'm not sure anyone else understands

  • I’m not sure where to start

  • It feels too overwhelming

  • How do I get there?

  • If only I knew the steps

  • I wish I had a magic wand

  • All I want is a sign

  • I’m not sure why but my intuition is telling me…


Here's a little secret...

I have expressed every one of these and will explore many of them again!

Regyna Curtis - Creator of Atmaitri and the Soul Wisdom Exchange Summit

Can you imagine a reality where you:

  • Are fully supported and confident in who you are

  • Can articulate your unique ways of knowing and receive through them graciously

  • Consciously transform over and over again, into the living manifestation of your dreams

  • Identify when someone or something resonates with you, and have the courage to engage

  • Ask for help when you need it

  • Understand the language of your soul wisdom and can speak it fluently

  • Know exactly who to turn to when you need advice

  • Enjoy exploring your intuition and share your wisdom abundantly

  • Embrace your weirdness in all of its magnificence

  • Know how to care for yourself in a compassionate and loving way

I have expressed every one of these and will explore many of them again!

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I've been there too. It can feel lonely. I know that feeling of thinking: “If I open this door, what else will I let out?” and “If only I came with a manual.”

I understand how the scared looks of your loved ones looking back at you can cause you to question your choices and explorations. It can cause you to want to stay safely inside of the box that you've been put into. That you may have willingly walked into and closed yourself up in so that you could feel safe and loved. I know the fear associated with removing the lid off of that box and stepping out into the light; feeling naked and afraid.

I remember the moment when with shaking hand, I signed myself up for my first Reiki class in an attempt to find a community that could support me and tools to help me understand who I am and how I work. I was tired of ignoring and pushing away the very things about me that made me special. I could no longer ignore them. I knew I was on the precipice of either losing myself completely, or fully embracing my weirdness and standing in my power. It was time for me to figure out how to use the tools that I came with. I couldn't ignore them any longer. They were spilling out of me even when I tried to push them down and keep myself quiet so I wouldn’t be seen as the weird one.


One could argue that it was the tools that I gained through Reiki that helped me understand myself, but honestly it was the community. It was knowing that I was not alone anymore. It was knowing that there were others who spoke the same language as me; who understood and communicated in the forms of energy, and light, and universal law. I found permission to explore, activate, and celebrate my weirdness.

I am on a quest to get to know myself in deeper and more expanded ways every single day. I meet myself through my creative and spiritual practices. I meet myself in conversation with those who stimulate my imagination and reflect back to me the beauty and light that I have inside of me; those who are a mirror for my own soul wisdom. I call them soul wisdom explorers.

Over the course of this 5-day virtual Summit, you will receive:

  • Opportunities to learn from and engage with wise and generous soul wisdom explorers from my personal tribe

  • A supportive community where you can connect and collaborate with other soul wisdom seekers

  • Tips, tools, and best practices to use along your own journey

  • Special offers, discounts, and free downloads designed to support you in connecting with your soul wisdom languages

Are you making things harder than they need to be?

When we disconnect from our soul wisdom, we may feel:

  • Lost

  • Misidentified

  • Lethargic, unmotivated, or dull

  • Dis-COURAGE-d

  • Frustrated and antsy

  • Overwhelmed

  • Ungrounded

  • Stuck in unhealthy cycles or patterns

  • Disillusioned

When we travel together in community, we not only learn from each other, but we have way more fun. There are absolutely times when we need to go deep within and meet ourselves on a soul level. There are also times when we need the compassionate mirror that experiences with others holds up for us.


Participating in soul wisdom exchanges helps us practice:

  • Speaking our truth

  • Taking bold imperfect action

  • Re-energizing and receiving our own light

  • Engaging with the flow of our intuition

  • Living in service to ourselves and others

  • Standing in our power

  • Giving generously

  • Radiating abundance

Are you allowing limiting beliefs and conditioned responses prevent you from owning your weirdness?

In the moments when I have been just on the edge of a breakthrough, my inner critic finds their voice. They team up with the inner accountant, the inner time keeper, and a whole litany of other characters that want to keep me safely tucked away in my own misery.


I’m not saying that life isn’t complicated, or busy, or that financial concerns are not real.

So here are the top 5 reasons why you may be still questioning if this experience is right for you:

  1. I don’t have time

    • All interviews are recorded and available on replay throughout the duration of the summit

    • If you need additional time, there is an option for lifetime access

  2. I’m Zoomed Out

    • In addition to the live Zoom calls, transcripts will be provided for each interview for you to reference as you wish

    • All calls will be recorded so you can play them at your leisure and are free to listen rather than watch if that is better for you

  3. I’ve spent so much money on courses and experiences that I haven’t used

    • Me too - ALSO I am a firm believer that I still got exactly what I needed from those experiences and/or they are waiting for me when the time is right

    • The summit experience is a free event

  4. This sounds a little too woo for me

    • Totally fair – a lot of the things that I most closely identify with in my life now were things that I once considered too woo or too scary

    • If it resonates on some level, you know – I invite you to stay curious

    • If you sign up and decide part way through that this isn’t for you, you can stop participating

  5. I’m scared of what I may unleash in myself

    • The first step of any journey can be the most exciting and the scariest

    • We are conditioned to be afraid of change, however in order to achieve our deepest desires, our current circumstances must change along the way

    • In all my years of soul wisdom exploration, I have never regretted saying yes to something that my intuition guided me to – on the other hand, I’ve experienced the opposite many times when I have acted against my intuitive guidance

Ultimately, you are the only one who can know if this experience is meant for you. If you are ready to join us on this journey, we are excited to have you!

About Me (your summit host)

Hi! I’m Regyna Curtis. The creator of Atmaitri, an intuitive artist, art channel, and soul wisdom mentor. I am trained as an artist, educator, energy and sound healer, travel professional, and have an extensive career in program and event development spanning each of these fields. My work today sits at the intersection of creativity and spirituality as I mentor those looking to further understand their authentic ways of knowing and being in the world through identifying and interpreting their soul wisdom.


Meet the amazing souls who are joining us on this journey to share their wisdom!


LaChelle Amos


Jeni Rogers


Sara Bumgardner

Rachel PNG.png

Swati Kameswar


Daisy Betance


Kristen Donat


Melinda Nakagawa


Hollis Citron


Dawn Phoenix

Rachel Miller

I have always been me, but I haven’t always known how to be authentically myself, or to claim my own magnificence.

Several years ago, after an intense but beautiful, inspiring, and healing experience, I consciously embarked on a journey. This moment marked the beginning of a new level of exploration for me into my intuitive gifts. Along the way, I encountered many teachers who helped me to deepen my understanding of, and experiment with how to engage these gifts. They were a catalyst for my intentional pursuit of becoming fluent in my own soul wisdom languages.

Everyone we meet is a teacher. I’ve gone on many journeys to recognize and embrace my own role as both a teacher and a student. A huge part of my life education has come through my personal connections.

Community has always been really important to me. Our trusted communities have the ability to reflect things that are resonant for you, what you resist, and where there is contrast in ways that are safe and nourishing for our personal growth and collective evolution. A diverse ecosystem in nature is one that is in harmony and thriving through the interactions, cycles and rhythms, and reciprocity contained within the unique contributions each element brings to the space.

Finding a supportive community to guide you on your journey is key to your success as an individual, and helps us grow and expand from an aligned space collectively. From this space, we can more easily and effectively deepen our relationship with our gifts, become confident in our inner knowing, and express ourselves authentically.

As we each progress along our own path, we become an example and can provide mentorship having consciously chosen to live this experience in our everyday life. We can guide and support others as they learn to become receptive to insights, empower their authenticity, and live with integrity.

How we know is different for each of us, yet similar in some ways to other people. When we find those people, who know in similar ways, we find within them a safe place to explore our own gifts and inner wisdom. We engage in a wisdom exchange. We share our tools. We share our souls. We learn to be in relationship with the energetic language of our soul wisdom through connection and conversation. We learn how to be in service to others while also in service to ourselves.

I've learned to identify and communicate in the languages that my soul speaks; creativity, nature, movement, empathic gifts, intuitive awareness, to name a few. There are many. I have learned to speak the language of my soul wisdom fluently, and I know the importance of sharing this wisdom with others as we encounter each other along our life paths.

Throughout my life experiences I have connected with some amazing and powerful soul-guided explorers who are each creative beings in their own way. I learn so much from and greatly enjoy exchanging resources, time, wisdom, and energy with each of these beautiful souls. I engage in conversation with many of them on a regular basis. They have become the support system for me as I continue forward on my journey existing as a human, sharing expressions of my creativity, and growing my soul-guided business and I want to share them with you.

Inspiration for the Soul Wisdom Exchange Summit

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