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Soul Vision Illumination

You are a visionary. You are dancing on the edge of an important transformation as you bring your next soul creation into being.

You are beyond ready to experience this vision coming to life in your everyday world. Yet while you feel it and know it is there energetically, you are unable to articulate it or find the steps that feel most nourishing and aligned to move you forward.

If you could just get a clearer perspective of what it is your soul is inviting you to birth, you know you could get started right away. This sense of urgency is calling you forward and you can no longer ignore it.

But how? What is your next step?

If this is you, you are in exactly the right place. I am so excited to support you on this journey.


Welcome to Soul Vision Illumination!

Let's explore what this container looks like and how it will support you in bringing your soul vision to life.

You’ve heard the call and are ready to enter into the unknown lands of your imagination to make your vision a reality. And great news, you don’t have to take this journey alone! I am a way finder, a visionary, and have traversed this territory many, many times. I am here to guide you by empowering the beautiful harmony of our collective soul wisdom.

We will sit together in the darkness of the unseen and tap into the vision just waiting to be awakened.

We will explore, define, and refine this vision to pinpoint exactly where you are headed and illuminate what you are creating.

We will take tangible steps forward, inviting this creation to start its journey of transformation from the realms of possibility into the physical world.

Together, in collaboration with this vision, we will craft the new tools, structures, and practices that will support you on the next leg of your journey.

Phase 1_Connect and Cultivate.png

Phase 1: Connect & Conceive

Connect: join together so as to provide access and communication.


In phase one, our work will be focused on connecting with your vision: see it, feel it, honor it.

We will begin with an opening ceremony where you will set intentions for the journey ahead and connect consciously with your vision in the energetic realm.


Conceive: form a mental representation of; imagine.


In this phase, we will utilize the power of creativity to help us illuminate your vision and begin bringing it into form in the physical realm.

During the opening ceremony, I will guide you through an intuitive art-making process where you will receive insights regarding how you are most supported moving forward in this container.

After our opening ceremony, I will create a Soul Wisdom Compass and mail it to you. This is a channeled art message infused with light codes that supports you along your journey and evolves with you throughout.

Phase 2_Cultivate and Conjure.png

Phase 2: Cultivate & Conjure

Cultivate: apply oneself to improving or developing; to prepare, grow, and maintain.


In phase two, you will identify where you are currently, what you’re choosing to leave behind, and what you are consciously calling in. This phase is all about gaining clarity through devotional practice.

Together, we will create a customized activity for you to explore and gain insight from on an ongoing basis. This practice is aligned with your desired outcomes and designed to work with your current schedule. Each time you engage with this practice, you take actionable steps toward your vision and refine your intended outcomes.


Conjure: to call or bring into existence as if by magic.


Throughout this phase, I will support you in our sessions with energetic work to magnify the physical steps you are taking with your devotional practice. We will explore supportive cosmic alignments, seasonal transitions, and personal astrological themes and how you can utilize these to amplify your intentions.

Phase 3_Craft and Complete.png

Phase 3: Craft & Complete

Craft: to make or manufacture (an object or product) with skill and careful attention to detail.


A soul vision is crafted like a work of art. It is an ongoing process of refinement and evolution. You are an ever-evolving being and so are all expressions of who you are in the form of your work or life's passions.


While this process will never end, you must evolve beyond this container. Before we part ways, we will ensure that you are prepared for what comes next. We will gather tools, refine your devotional practice and/or create new ones to support you moving forward, and connect you with the supportive community of soul-guided entrepreneurs in my Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge.


Complete: having all the necessary or appropriate parts.


All journeys have a beginning, a middle, and an end. My genius lives in the transition point between the ending of one and the beginning of the next. This process of transition and transformation is a journey of its own. This is the journey we take together in this container.

And then we transform as well. It is time for you to fly and explore the beautiful creation that you have manifested.

We will move into a new phase of relationship and support. When we reach this point, we will discuss how you are best supported moving forward and determine the next steps from there together. You may choose to extend our 1:1 sessions on a month-to-month basis or explore occasional check-ins. There are many options, but we will cross that bridge when the time comes.

Soul Vision Illumination.png

So first, let's get you connected with that beautiful soul vision and start illuminating the path forward!

This is a completely personalized journey and we move at the pace that is correct for you. In our first call, we determine how frequently you would like to meet and can adjust this throughout if needed. Moving through the phases happens as you are ready to move forward. The majority of our time will be spent in phases one and two, but how much time we spend in each will be determined as we go.

The phases are a guide to help us stay moving in the right direction, but how we explore within this container is an intuitive process. I bring my intuitive gifts and lived experience as a mentor to support you in deepening your relationship with your intuitive guidance as you bring your soul vision to life.


What are the next steps?

  1. Let me know that you are excited to get started (just click the button above to email me) and if you want to pay in full or divide the payments in two. I will send you a link appropriate for your chosen option.

  2. Complete your payment. I will then send you a link to book your first session/opening ceremony. This session will be longer (90 minutes) than the recurring calls so we have plenty of time to get you set up for a successful journey.

  3. Book your initial session.


And you are on your way!

Imagine yourself feeling the confidence and clarity you seek in bringing this soul vision into the world. This is your first step. I’m so excited to take this journey with you.


  • Opening ceremony where we connect with your vision, set intentions for the journey ahead, and identify your guiding questions

  • Soul Wisdom Compass - This is a channeled art message infused with light codes that supports you along your journey and evolves with you throughout.

  • Soul Wisdom Mentoring Sessions with me where we will move through the 3 phases of illuminating your soul vision

  • Guided and self-paced tools to help you explore deeper and integrate the work we do in your Soul Wisdom Mentoring Sessions

  • 18 weeks of support and guidance from me on Voxer

  • All sessions are recorded and shared with accompanying reflection prompts and guidance for how to implement the tools provided between calls

  • An invitation to the Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge, a community of soul-guided visionaries like yourself




We can explore multiple payment options as needed. 

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