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Welcome, Wayward Entrepreneurs!

Providing Everything You Need to Create a Sustainable Work-Life Ecosystem, YOUR Way

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About Regyna

I was born an entrepreneur. I started my first profit-making business when I was 10. Since then, I've worked as an art educator, created educational travel programs all over the world, worked in corporate, as an artist, and as an energy worker. I now bring all of my expertise and experiences together under one roof—Atmaitri. 

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Charting Your Course

You crave sustainable work-life balance. You have strong self-care practices and work consciously with your intuition, yet in your business you find yourself falling back into old patterns learned in the corporate world despite your best efforts. You are ready to leave the cycles of burnout behind and start working with your natural flow of energy in your life AND your business.

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Flow and Prosper

You know you want to expand your business in ways that are nourishing and sustainable. You value your intuitive guidance and the wisdom available all around you in the natural world. You are ready to align your business with your natural flow of energy and honor all of your ways of knowing and being as you take your business to the next level.

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