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Becoming Fluent in Your Soul Wisdom Language

I am Regyna Curtis, soul wisdom mentor, and interpreter of intuitive languages, and I am here to help you reclaim your innate power through how you receive and express the embodied wisdom of your soul.


I've spent most of my life not quite fitting into any area that I've pursued. After redefining what I believe success to be, I began creating a space that would support this vision and be nourishing for me, as I began sharing my soul wisdom in service of others whom I meet along my journey. This place is Atmaitri. 

I thrive at the intersection of creativity and spirituality.  Both are expressions of my unique soul language that connect me with my authentic wisdom and power.  Together they foster beautiful navigation between our internal and external worlds.  With the encouragement of many teachers, I consciously embarked upon a journey of leaning into my intuitive gifts.


When I first began doing this work, I used my gifts and abilities to share what I knew to be true for you. I now choose to use my ability to interpret soul wisdom languages to support you on your journey of learning this for yourself.

I am not here to show you how to do things like me. I am here to empower you to do them in the way that best supports you!

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Soul Wisdom Attunement Practices Guide

Which wisdom channel did you get as you most fluent?
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