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Mystics Revealed:
Book Bundle

I am Regyna Curtis, artist, soul wisdom mentor, and interpreter of spiritual languages, and I am here to help you receive and express the inner wisdom of your soul.


I've spent most of my life not quite fitting into any area that I've pursued. After redefining what I believe success to be, I began creating a space that would support this vision and be nourishing for me, as I began sharing my soul wisdom in service of others who I meet along my journey. This place is Atmaitri. 

I thrive at the intersection of creativity and spirituality.  Both are soul languages that allow for my authentic ways of expressing and communicating.  Together they foster beautiful navigation between our internal and external worlds.  With the encouragement of many teachers, I consciously embarked upon a journey of leaning into my intuitive gifts.  Within this, I became fluent in the language of my soul wisdom.  It is this journey that allows me to walk alongside you as you explore your own soul wisdom.

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Mystics Revealed
Book Bundle


  • Signed copy of the book with a personalized message from me

  • Handmade bookmark

  • Pre-recorded workshop: Confidence and Clarity with Soul Wisdom

  • 30-minute Soul Wisdom Mentoring Session with me for integration following the workshop

Timing and Details:

  • Books will be mailed out within 1 week of your purchase unless otherwise notified

    • Please make sure to provide your mailing address below

    • If you are interested in additional copies of the book or in getting a copy of Creativity Is... Whatever You Want It To Be also, please note that below and I'll follow up with you

  • Access to the workshop will arrive via email shortly after your purchase

    • This will be sent to the email address you enter below

  • Booking details for your 30-minute session will arrive with your workshop

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Thank you for your order! May it bring you much wisdom on your journey.

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