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Along my own spiritual journey, I have been privileged to learn from countless teachers, mentors, situations, and synchronicities, as well as contrasts.  There is a lesson we can learn in each encounter that we have, but we often internalize these lessons and experiences without the conscious awareness that it is happening.  The more we practice existing in a space of awareness and receptivity, the more adept we get at identifying, integrating, and utilizing these insights.  We become more fluent in the language of the universe and the language of our own soul wisdom when we understand how to actively engage in this communication on an energetic level.  This is where we begin to make our own magic.

Magic is the transformation of something in the physical world that happens without our awareness of it as it changes.  We see this at play in the law of attraction, as a spiritual awakening, in the fascinating world of all things energy related.  Even when we are doing deep healing work, if we maintain a sense of curiosity and wonder, we will be able to honor both the challenging and the joyful as we continue along our journey.

So come on a journey with me!  We may laugh, we may cry; we may laugh until we cry or cry until we laugh.  We will create new things, explore the past, practice being present, and imagine the world we choose as we build it together.

Intuitive sessions are available in 60 or 90 minute sessions, and can be scheduled through my Calendly below.

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