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Welcome to Flow & Prosper!

Congratulations! You are already creating the sustainable, harmonious work-life ecosystem you desire. Each step you take forward on this journey now helps you refine and reinforce the systems that allow you and your business to thrive. I am honored to be here to support and guide you as we navigate the season ahead together.

Take a moment to let that move through your body. Notice what sensations are present, what thoughts, and what movements are asking to flow. Celebrate in whatever way feels most nourishing to you.

Once that feels complete, take a moment to review your next steps so you can get started as soon as you are ready.

First and most importantly:

  • Email Your Guiding Intention: 

    • Please email me with the Guiding Intention (also known as your word of the year) and the question and supportive action that you determined during Charting Your Course so I can align your journal prompts to this.

    • Share any additional information - concerns, hopes, and goals that you have for this season that will help me align our work to support you in the best way possible.

    • Ideally, I will have your support materials to you prior to your first session, yet that is dependant on how quickly I receive them from you and how quickly the date of your upcoming season is approaching. If it is not realistic to get them to you beforehand, I will have them to you within 1 week of your first session.

  • Book Your 3 Sessions: Click the button above or use this link to reserve your times.

    • Your energy and excitement are at their peak right now for carrying you forward in joy. To sustain your momentum in a sustainable way, it's important to set the next piece in place so that your mind and body can relax, knowing that everything is taken care of.

    • The energy of each transition is most potent within 3 days of the switch from one house to the next. Ideally, we will meet on the date of your transition or within a 3 day range (1 before or 1 after). Check your Calendar of Personal Seasons for the dates each house of your upcoming season begin and then book your sessions accordingly. 

How to find your ideal session dates:

  1. Refer to your Calendar of Personal Seasons and find the season you are supporting with Flow & Prosper. I've shared my calendar below for reference. For the sake of this example, let's say that I've chosen to do Flow & Prosper for my upcoming Winter season.

​2. The date of your first session will occur on or within 3 days (ideally) of the day you transition into your upcoming season. For this example, that is the first day of my Winter which is 12/26.

3. Then move counterclockwise, noting the following 2 dates as they are the entry point into the remaining 2 houses of this season. For me, these are 1/16 and 2/11 respectively.

Note: The materials I provide for you to work with throughout this season as well as your Voxer support will all be relevant for the full duration of your season (12/26-3/29 in the example) even though your sessions are held at the beginning of each house.

Regyna_Snapshot of Almanac Calendar.jpg

4. Book your 3 sessions. Using the example above, I would book my 3 sessions according to the deal date ranges shown below (the transitional dates are bolded):

Winter Solstice/House 10: 12/25, 12/26, 12/27

House 11: 1/15, 1/16, 1/17

House 12: 2/10, 2/11, 2/12

Between now and your first session:

  • Connect On Voxer: You can access ongoing support between our calls while working together in this container. You can download the app for free on your phone and then connect with me here.

    • This is generally easier from your phone. I don't believe Voxer has a desktop version at this time.

    • Make sure to say hi once you're on so I know to look for messages from you!​

  • Gather Your Resources: I recommend having the following items easily accessible.

    • Calendar of Your Personal Seasons: I would print this out and keep it somewhere visible and easily accessible. I have two copies printed; one hangs near my desk and the other stays in my journal.​

    • Charting Your Course Workbook: You may wish to reference notes you took during this workshop, Moon dates, or seasonal/house themes. I tend to reference the last few pages frequently as I move through my year for relevant journal prompts, Moon placements, and aligned business actions.

    • Creating Your Annual Plan Workbooks: Throughout the upcoming season, we will continue to build out the toolkit of resources that we began in this workshop series. Now that you are traveling through this season, you utilize the tools you've already identified, add more as they come into your awareness, and make notes about how and when you are using them to make the process easier in future cycles. We will primarily focus on the workbook for the season you are traversing, yet there may be resources in the others that come in handy. I recommend keeping them all together for this purpose.

If you have not already:​​

  • Join the Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge Community: Connect with other Soulpreneurs like yourself in the Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge.

    • Set up your profile (takes 5 minutes) and start engaging with this supportive community.

    • Mark your calendar for upcoming events! There are many opportunities to connect with new collaborators, learn from each other, expand your knowledge and skillsets, and receive in various ways within this space.​

  • Take the Soul Wisdom Language Quiz!

    • Download the free pdf at the end and start exploring the devotional practices today.

I'm so excited for the season ahead!


Don't be a stranger. Remember that we are taking this journey together. I will reach out occasionally to see how you are doing, provide resources, and remind you about check-in points, but you do not have to wait for me to initiate the conversation. Make use of the Voxer chat, connect with others in the Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge Community, and tag me if you post about your journey on social. I want to help you celebrate, navigate, and contemplate along the way.

And most importantly, remember to stay curious and enjoy the journey!


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