I find that the most meaningful and productive sessions are those where we let whatever comes up flow naturally.

There is no way to properly prepare you for what to expect, because every single session is different. However, it often looks and feels like a normal conversation. The difference is that the intention behind the conversation and the direction that it flows in, is completely intentional and guided through intuition and energetic connections. I conduct most sessions over the phone, so there is limited physical interaction, although I often connect with your physical body through Reiki energy. I may also ask you to move or position your body in a specific way (lying down, standing, etc.).

A typical session would look something like the following:

  • A brief 15-20 minute conversation to set intentions and goals, answer questions, and clarify any areas of interest or disinterest.

  • I generally start in the same way as a Reiki session, by tuning in to your physical energy.  At times, I continue the distance or hands-on-healing methods throughout the session, while other times it more quickly begins to look more like a conversation. It depends on what information comes through and how I am guided to support you in the best way for what you need at the time.

  • Once I connect with your energy, information starts flowing. This could be guidance about where to place my hands next (or focus energy when working remotely), it could be messages from loved ones who have passed, it could be images or words or sensations that I feel which prompt me to ask questions for further exploration.

  • The process works best when we work together, exploring the information received in order to find the meaning in which you gain the most benefit from. I refer to this process as the journey because we follow the path that is revealed. It may seem disconnected at first, but leads us to the places or topics that are calling to be addressed.

  • Each session is different for each person, and multiple sessions with the same individual can look very different each time. The reasoning for this varies. It could be related to how comfortable someone is with this type of healing work, and/or their experience level with it. It could be the urgency of a particular issue that is prevalent at the time of the session. It could be that there is a particular topic that they want to discuss that day, or that they do not want to engage in conversation at all one day and want to work solely on an energetic level. 

  • When things come to a close, I leave time for clarifying questions and also do a quick check-in within the next day or two to see how you are integrating the work. 

What will I leave my session with?

Big picture, that is up to you. You get out what you put in and you hear as much as you actively listen. You must make a conscious choice to create any change in your world. Until you make that choice, nothing will move. You must also release any attachment to the specifics of how it unfolds. Ideally, this all happens before we even meet. Until that point, anything I say or do will be like words on a billboard passing you by as you focus on the road in front of or behind you.

Additionally, some report leaving their with a sense of curiosity to learn more, a feeling of relaxation, guidance towards their next step, or relief from physical pain. It is different for each person and for each session.


  • For a first time session, clear 2-3 hours of your schedule

    • Return sessions are generally between 1-2 hours​

  • Dress comfortably

  • Sessions are either phone or video call, depending on your comfort level

  • Bring a notebook or journal to jot down notes, optional

  • Have a glass of water next to you, much like a massage we will stir up some toxins and move a lot of energy through your system

  • There is no right or wrong way to process information, some fall asleep or some report a busy mind. We all process information differently. 

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