I recently had the distinct pleasure of working via Zoom with Regyna Curtis through her company Atmaitri. I say working when in reality it was the most soul-nourishing session that I have experienced.  Regyna is truly intuitive and so gently held and encouraged through what she envisioned, space for me to authentically see things in new and different perspectives.  She enabled me to process so much.  She saw for me, a path to an authentic life lived.  All done without judgment.  I have had many revelations since, propelling me to dive even deeper into my soul’s wisdom and healing. She is truly a gem. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Elizabeth 

Regyna and her work are in line with the very soul of what the world needs today.  Her intuitive creations reveal messages from the cosmos that are meant for you, and you alone.  The message is divine and meant to set you out on a path for greater evolution and expansion.  I posed the question “Show Me What is Possible” and what came out was one-of-a-kind and had a handwritten soul message on the back just for me! I haven’t ever seen anything like it, which is hard to believe these days. 

- Brandy

Regyna is a highly attuned energy worker and channel, who expresses what comes through in a concise, relatable, and compassionate manner! She holds such a beautiful space in the way most needed for each unique session. My most impactful session with Regyna was a profound multi-dimensional clearing of a web of limiting beliefs in my current life, ancestral line, and past lives. Even after the initial process, Regyna continued to clear with me and support me in using sound and other energy until I was fully grounded again. This session helped me heal a significant layer of my karmic wound, as well as connect me more deeply with elements of my past lives and my ancestors, as they came through. I’ve gained immense value from each session with her. I highly recommend working with Regyna!

- LaChelle