Connect and Collaborate!

As a creative and community minded individual, I have participated in many different types of collaborative experiences, from presentations and seminars to coloring books and podcasts.  No matter what kind of project you in mind, I would be honored to be involved.  Below are a few examples of projects I've worked on before, but if you have something else in mind, please don't hesitate to book a call so we can discuss the details together!

Soul Wisdom Exchange Vodcast

Live Soul Wisdom Exchange Series: This is presented as a vodcast and is offered for free to all participants as a live-streamed conversation on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. I define Soul Wisdom as our authentic ways of knowing (receiving) and being (expressing). Come join me in a conversation where we will explore our Soul Wisdom Languages, our individual paths in getting to know them, and how we each utilize this wisdom today.

Conversations and Creativity

A 45 minute, live-streamed, workshop-style, free offering. Each has a focus on a particular tool or theme with a creative activity to accompany it. We talk about the topic, overview the activity, and then we all create together. 

Soul Wisdom Language Exploration

A co-facilitated workshop where we explore a particular soul wisdom language. This is a great opportunity to expand your audience reach, and promote an upcoming group experience or more in-depth program focused on a specific way of knowing or expressing soul wisdom. These are offered to participants for a fee and are generally offered within a 3-hour timeframe.

Speaking Engagements

I love connecting with others and speaking about Soul Wisdom - how to connect with it, how to become fluent in it, and how to utilize it as a guide in your life. If you are interested in having me as a speaker at your summit or event, please send me an email or schedule a call so we can go over the details!