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Welcome to Charting Your Course!


I'm so excited that you will be joining me for the Charting Your Course workshop!


As promised, your full workbook is available here for you to print out in advance using the button that says full workbook. If you'd prefer to print just the worksheet pages, you can do so using the button that says worksheet pages only. You can access the rest digitally for reference.


There is one task to complete ahead of time if you are able. It will likely take you about 5 minutes, and I will make sure we leave space to do this at the beginning of our time together if anyone needs it.


You will need to create (and save!) your natal chart using the website: Even if you have your natal chart handy from another site, we will reference specific information that they list in a clear and concise way. There is a detailed description and screenshots to help you with this on pages 1-3 of your workbook.


If you are not able to print any of the pages, don't worry. I will have all of the pages displayed on my screen and you can write down what you need on any paper you have handy or digitally if you prefer. 


You'll get a reminder email with the Zoom link 1 hour before we start, and I will send out a replay afterward to all who have registered. Please reach out if you have any questions in the meantime.


See you soon!


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