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Welcome to Creating Your Annual Plan!

Congratulations! You are one step closer to bringing your individually crafted support system to life in your business.

Take a moment to let that move through your body. Notice what sensations are present, what thoughts, and what movements are asking to flow. Celebrate in whatever way feels most nourishing to you.

Once that feels complete, take a moment to review your next steps so you are prepared when it's time for us to get started.

First and most importantly: Your Timing Preferences

  • Please complete the form below and submit it by entering your email address and clicking Send Feedback. From this feedback your time.

  • All participants will be notified one week before we begin of the time that has been selected for our live gatherings.

UPDATE: The time has been selected for the upcoming series and will be held from 10-11:30 am Central each Thursday.

Please choose which time slot works best for you by selecting the number of stars as such:
1 star = I can't do this time at all
2 stars = I could do this some weeks but would miss 2-3 calls
3 stars = I could do this but would likely miss  at least 1 live call
4 stars = I can do this and would make all weeks, but it's not my top choice
5 stars = My top choice. I'm available here all 5 weeks!
10-11:30 AM Central
12-1:30 PM Central
3-4:30 PM Central

Thanks for your feedback!

​​Join Our Community:

  • Use this link to join our community
  • Connect with our group plus my other Soul-Led Entrepreneurs like yourself in the Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge.
  • Set up your profile (takes 5 minutes) and start engaging with this supportive community.
  • Look around! There is a whole section dedicated to exploring the themes of Charting Your Course and Moon Ceremonies, plus a dedicated question thread for creating and working with your annual plan.
That's it for now. I'll be in touch again one week before we begin with additional details. I am so excited to take this journey with you and looking forward to seeing your unique plan come to life!
See you soon!
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