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Welcome!  I am Regyna Curtis, an artist, soul wisdom mentor, and interpreter of spiritual languages, and I am here to help you receive and express the inner wisdom of your soul through your sacred word.

I've spent most of my life not quite fitting into any area that I've pursued. After redefining what I believe success to be, I began creating a space that would support this vision and be nourishing for me, as I began sharing my soul wisdom in service of others who I meet along my journey. This place is Atmaitri. 

I thrive at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, and business.  Each is an expression of your soul language that allows for authentic connection and communication.  Together they foster beautiful navigation between the internal and external worlds and how the wisdom of this journey is realized through your sacred work. 


For years, I avoided and ignored my intuitive gifts out of fear. It wasn't until I was in my late 30's that I finally found the courage to consciously embark upon a journey of exploring them, and it unlocked so much magic, flow, and ease in my life. My entry point was through the study and practice of Reiki.  Within this journey, I gained fluency in the language of my soul wisdom. This tool, the teachers that have guided me, and the insights I've received and put into practice are not the sole source of my gifts or my confidence in applying them, but it was the experience through which I chose to access them. The process of traversing my personal journey allows me to walk alongside you, guide you, and help you interpret the landscape as you explore your soul wisdom.


As a wisdom soul explorer, I have learned what resonates in my body through the observation of my YES/NO Indicators (learn more about this by taking the Soul Wisdom Language Quiz). I read energies, repetitive symbolism, reflections, and reactions.


The next important piece of the puzzle for me was aligning with my Natural Cycles and Rhythms. In 2004 I entered into a new phase of discovery with astrology. I had recently graduated from college, left an important relationship, and moved to a new city to reclaim my relationship with myself. Throughout my college career, I gave of myself to my education, to my friends, to my then-partner, and to my job. I learned much through this process but realized I no longer recognized myself in the woman standing before me in the mirror.

I set out on a quest to get to know this new version of myself and find my vibrancy again. As I started my career in education, I simultaneously began an exploration of my spirituality. This was a long and twisty road and one that will never really be over; it will continue evolving with and through me.


Shortly after I moved to Atlanta, I created my natal chart for the first time. It was drawn by hand in my sketchbook and guided by the pages of a large book on astrology that I could not name today. I found this drawing again as I was amid a quantum leap transformation in all areas of my life in 2020. It was shortly after my corporate career dissolved with the pandemic and I was again navigating getting to know the next-level version of myself.

As I look back at the journey I've taken, I can clearly see myself moving through various cycles and repeating patterns. At first, I just noticed this and invited more awareness of it. Over time, I began tracking how my energy moved in alignment with moon cycles, and then with the solar cycles outlined in my natal chart.

Through this exploration, I've learned how to align my actions and business process with the movement of my natural rhythms and cycles to amplify my efforts and create more ease and joy along the way.


Working with my astrology houses in this way was something I worked with only in my own business at first, but when I saw how powerful this tool is for maximizing my personal energy and creative process, I knew I had to share it with others. In January of 2023, I offered Charting Your Course for the first time, and what has blossomed from it is tremendous. I invite you to explore how to use this in your business in this workshop that I offer each month on the 28th. It is a 2-hour workshop that you take one time to create the calendar of your personal seasons.


The journey is more fun when we travel together!

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