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Welcome!  I am Regyna Curtis, artist, soul wisdom mentor, and interpreter of spiritual languages, and I am here to help you receive and express the inner wisdom of your soul.

I've spent most of my life not quite fitting into any area that I've pursued. After redefining what I believe success to be, I began creating a space that would support this vision and be nourishing for me, as I began sharing my soul wisdom in service of others who I meet along my journey. This place is Atmaitri. 

I thrive at the intersection of creativity and spirituality.  Both are soul languages that allow for my authentic ways of expressing and communicating.  Together they foster beautiful navigation between our internal and external worlds.  With the encouragement of many teachers, I consciously embarked upon a journey of leaning into my intuitive gifts.  Within this, I became fluent in the language of my soul wisdom.  It is this journey that allows me to walk alongside you as you explore your own soul wisdom.


As a wisdom soul explorer, I have found my truthful place. I read energies, repetitive symbolism, reflections, and reactions. I have decades of experience in yoga modalities, aromatherapy, and numerology. I have worked within the cooperate business world, academic settings as both teacher and student, and traditional art settings. In addition, I hold several certificates such as Reiki, sound healing, art education, and project management.  This means I have a unique skill set that allows for a sacred and deep connection with the Universal energy that shines within all of us. I am an expert at finding the sacred in the ordinary, like my love of Marvel movies. Don’t discount the abundance of lessons that can be found everywhere!

As we each progress along our own path, we become an example and can provide mentorship having consciously chosen to live this experience in our everyday life. We can guide and support others as they learn to become receptive to insights, empower their authenticity, and live with integrity.

​Throughout my life experiences, I have connected with some amazing and powerful soul-guided explorers. They have become the support system for me as I continue forward on my journey existing as a human, sharing expressions of my creativity, and growing my soul-guided business.  I want to share them with you so that we can more easily and effectively deepen our relationship with our gifts, become confident in our inner knowing, and express ourselves authentically.

Please explore my website for ways we can connect, explore, and collaborate together. I look forward to our next adventure!


The journey is more fun when we travel together!

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