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Today, I confidently navigate between internal and external worlds within my personal and professional life. However, that was not always the case. From a young age, I knew that I didn't experience the world in the same way as everyone around me. Fortunately, I have been guided by countless teachers and mentors throughout my journey. Some teachers appear in the form of a person; sometimes even someone with the label "teacher". Others appear in the form of friends, animals, plants, books, stories, songs, thoughts, images, scents, memories, and on and on and on.

For many years, I ran full force in the opposite direction of everything about me that I didn't understand. Slowly and surely, teachers appeared in my life that encouraged me to lean into my gifts and explore my unique qualities. The more I learned about who I am and how I function, they simultaneously became more scary and more exciting; as did I. Some people find me intriguing and deep. Others find me odd and a bit unnerving. This is because we see others from where we are within.

I don't claim to be the solution for every person. In fact, I am not at all the "solution" for any person. I am a guide. I use my own experiences, knowledge, and skills to walk with you along your journey. Over the years, as I have gained much knowledge and have developed my relationship with my intuition. I have learned how to read energy, repetitive symbolism, reflections, reactions, and more. I have also learned to trust in Divine timing and the laws of the universe.

I hold a number of certifications and have completed formal trainings for things such as the system of Reiki, sound healing, art education and project management. I mention this random assortment of items because much of my experience and education has come from life. From my own Spiritual journey. From my connection with the universal energy that shines within all of us. I do not currently hold a teacher certification in yoga, but have practiced and studied dozens of styles of yoga over several decades. I do not hold an MBA, but have worked in the corporate business world for over a decade as well. Along the way, I have acquired a unique skillset and knowledge base from which to pull from when I work with individuals. I employ methods from all of these trainings, and am frequently guided to information new to myself and the person I'm working with.

 I have dabbled in life coaching, numerology, the Enneagram, sociology, and aroma therapy. I study the cycles of the moon and am a fan of Marvel movies (seriously though, there are so many relevant life lessons in there!). I have worked with a great range of individuals whose belief systems reach far in various directions and whose experience levels with energetic and intuitive healing methods are vast. In conclusion, what this all means is that my niche skill is my ability to meet you where you are and explain the information I receive to you in a language that is accessible to you personally. 


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