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Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge

 A heart-centered community of corporate misfits and wayward entrepreneurs creating a new paradigm for doing business.

 Membership includes access to the MINGLE! Learning Collaborative co-working spaces, support, and programs.

Mingle! Learning Collaborative



Every month

Virtual Co-Working and Collaboration Space for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Valid until canceled
14 day free trial

Around the clock access to a vibrant co-working space

Build meaningful relationships w/heart-centered peers

Speak at & attend NEXT Global Virtual Conferences

Charting Your Course resources & courses

Content & tools for holistic entrepreneurs


You became an entrepreneur for reasons personal to you. You made this leap and are doing this for yourself, but that doesn't mean you have to do it by yourself. In fact, that was never the intention! But how do you connect with a community of aligned business owners that you can collaborate with, learn from, and share your unique genius with on an ongoing basis without burning yourself out in the process (energetically or financially)?

If you've had any of these thoughts, the Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge is for you:

" I just want to have the support and collaboration of a team, but don't want the pace or limitations of a corporate career."

  • Masterminds are great for this, but they are a big investment of your resources—finances, time, and energy—and have a finite timeframe in which you need to learn, take action, and complete everything in order to receive the support you seek.

"I just want a space where I can continuously meet new people, but not have to spend all day researching and connecting through social media platforms."

  • Online communities are wonderful for networking but often leave you wanting more and most free groups through social media have tons of rules about when and how you can share your offers.

"I just need to get through this (time, challenge, workload, etc.) and then I can focus on my business."

  • Courses and workshops are yummy, yet you are left on your own to put them to use and often lack time and support for integration leaving you in the trap of collecting certifications with no real movement in your life or business.

"I just want a place where I can get answers to my questions quickly and access the resources I need to actually get shit done in my business without spending all my time, energy, and money to do so."

  • Subscription services provide a constant stream of new content to help you learn new things and provide tools for your business, but end up lost in the sea of emails in your inbox.

"I just want to find the balance where I can enjoy my work and have time, energy, and resources left to enjoy my life also."


What if you could support yourself and your business in the same place? 

What if there actually is a different solution? One that has all of the benefits of the things you've tried in the past without the pressure to consume and complete everything in a limited time frame or on your own.

One that celebrates your shares rather than regulating them, and offers the flexibility to do things at the pace that works for you no matter what season you are navigating.

Look no further! Welcome to the Soul Wisdom Leaders Lounge 💗

Not sure which experience is right for you?

  • Mingle! Learning Collaborative

    Every month
    Virtual Co-Working and Collaboration Space for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs
     14 day free trial
  • Flow & Prosper

    Every month
    1:1 Mentorship for working with your personal seasons
Flow & Prosper Plan
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