Why Atmaitri?

The name of my practice is my own combination of two Sanskrit words: Ātman (ɑ tmən) which can be translated as inner self, spirit or soul, and Maitrī (m ah ee tree), which can be translated in many ways. Among them are benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, and goodwill.


In bringing them together, Atmaitri can be interpreted as kindness towards our authentic self.  I chose these two words because they represent the goal of the work that I do with individuals as well as with myself; to make friends with our truest selves so that we can confidently live our lives as an expression of that truth.  


Atmaitri works to actively support and empower individuals seeking deeper exploration of who they are, how they authentically show up in the world, and what their unique ways of knowing are.

Sanskrit: atman or inner self.


My interpretation of kindness to our authentic self is an understanding of and honoring of who we really are and how we show up in our lives.  This is a journey that I have taken in my own life, and one that I believe we all explore throughout our human experience.

I created Atmaitri intentionally to build a space where I can share lessons that I have learned along my journey, but the path I took in order to envision and embody the creation of Atmaitri was not always as intentional. We often hear the term spiritual awakening and may think that this is a one time deal where you suddenly become aware of yourself as a soul gifted with love and light to share with the world.  However, I believe that we awaken again and again, similar to how we awaken each day with new insights and intentions for our path ahead.  Atmaitri is the space where I share my gifts as I have come to understand and appreciate them so that you may come to understand and appreciate your inner wisdom.


I am here to support and empower you as you navigate your spiritual journey and form the language to interpret and share your soul wisdom.  I define soul wisdom as our authentic ways of knowing and being, and this wisdom is communicated to us in various forms.  When multiple forms are combined in ways that resonate with us on a deep personal level, they make up what I refer to as our soul languages.

Some of the ways my soul communicates with me are through color, patterns (physical and metaphysical), energy, temperature shifts, other physical sensations, the list goes on. As I progress along my journey, my tools and soul wisdom fluency evolve with me.  I utilize this wisdom in the work I do with others by combining various tools and methods. I create intuitive artworks, channel insights, and interpret messages communicated by the soul wisdom of those I engage with.

Throughout my journey I have encountered many teachers; some have been brief encounters and others have acted as mentors throughout various transitional times in my life.  Atmaitri is my way of paying it forward.  This is a space where soul wisdom explorers can meet other travelers, share their wisdom, and learn about new tools and new ways of understanding to help them interpret the things they are already aware of.

How is your soul trying to speak to you?