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About Atmaitri

The name Atmaitri was derived by combining two Sanskrit words:

Ātman (ɑ tmən) which can be translated as inner self, spirit or soul.

Maitrī (m ah ee tree) is a Sanskrit word that can be translated in many ways. Among them are benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, and goodwill.


Atmaitri's Mission Statement: To support and empower individuals seeking deeper exploration of who they are, how they authentically show up in the world, and what their unique way of knowing is.

I chose to combine these two words as the name of my company because together, they represent the goal of the work that I do with individuals as well as with myself; to make friends with our truest selves so that we can confidently live our lives as an expression of that truth.


All healing comes from within. 


In life, we are all on a journey to get to know our truest selves. Some call this their inner light or their highest self. There are many ways to reference this depending on what lens you see the world through. Regardless of what you call it, we all quest to know ourselves in this way. The path to finding this version of ourselves also has many names. I call it our spiritual journey.


When working with individuals, I join them on this journey, acting as a tour guide and translator. I have honed these skills through years of doing my own inner work, learning from teachers, training and experience, and getting to know my intuitive gifts. I look forward to exploring with you on your journey.

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